Friday, October 8, 2010


Shabbat Shalom :)

Peace to you this Sabbath!

This song is called 'Teshuva' and teshuva is the Hebrew word for 'return'.

I love the line 'returning out of love'.

I hope you are encouraged and blessed by this song.

Love Lus x


Christine said...

beautiful song Lus...thanks so much for posting.

Shabbat blessings to you all today!

lusi said...

It is great isn't it? Thanks mate and love to you guys too.

singing mama said...

Beautiful song Lusi! love the imagery in the film clip too!! Thats it isnt it, its returning out of love, not burden,not works, not ideas and deciets, but out of love for Yahshua and a desire to walk in His ways!! I wish others whom we love could truly understand this!
hugs to you
luv Donna


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