Friday, October 22, 2010

Sabbath Teaching

Shabbat Shalom!

It's the beginning of another Shabbat rest for us and I look forward to it soooooooo much now! Letting my body have a rest from all my normal work + having time built in to focus on my Creator and delighting in Him is something that I can't help but look forward too!

I didn't always feel this way though.
I had friends who celebrated Shabbat and I just said, 'they are under law' and would pray for them to 'see the light'. I would think, 'they have been robbed of their freedom!'

But God is doing an amazing work in showing and teaching me from His Word about the things that are important to Him and I truly believe that Shabbat (Sabbath rest) is one of those things.

I can honestly say that now, having experienced the joy and delight of resting on Sabbath, that I am in a place of FREEDOM - not bondage. God never gives us anything that enslave us. What enslaves us is sin and He set us free from that too in sending His Son Yeshua (Jesus) to take the penalty due to us for our sins. He is so gracious!!!

I LOVE that He set apart this day (Shabbat) and blessed it. How cool!
There is much more to share but for now, I thought some of my readers may enjoy checking out this video by Jim Staley from Passion for Truth Ministries, speaking on the Sabbath. He tackles some FANSTASTIC components of why the church normally celebrates it on a Sunday, is it really important to God anyway and why...loads of great scriptures to look into!

So, may I encourage you to take some time out to listen with an open mind to what Jim has to share?

 CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE PODCAST PAGE and then just scroll down to 'And then He rested - should Christians keep the Sabbath?' and press play :)

More to come another time.
Love and blessings to you :)


Peterson Party said...

Have a wonderful Sabbath! It's Friday morning here, so I am beginning my prep chores, looking forward to the rest and the time together as a family tonight/tomorrow!
P.S. - Did you do the Adam & Eve experiment? How did it turn out? Hopefully your kids pleasantly surprised you!

Mommy Set Free said...


Andi said...

Isn't it refreshing and wonderful that Abba gives us this day to rest, praise and be set apart unto Him!
Shabbat Blessings!

Anonymous said...

I read some of your links the other day and am wanting to learn more. thanks for sharing. Gail O xxx

singing mama said...

Great link Lusi ! We listened to it today :) luv Jim Staleys teachings, they always explain things in a way I can understand. Love and hugs to you

lusi said...

Hi everyone!
Cara - I still have to email you back; so sorry for the delay! And yes we did do the Adam and Eve experiment and I'll share about it with some snaps soon. The kids whined about the choc much more than I would have liked but no one ate any! Anyway, will share more soon and your link too! Thanks for giving me permission :) Hope you had a lovely Shabbat :)

And Gail! My friend! So lovely to see you here!! I owe you a letter! I would love to catch up with you about some of the things we've been learning - i reckon you would enjoy looking into them too :) All my love!

And love to each of you my friends :) I am thankful to God for each of you!


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