Wednesday, September 15, 2010

September so far...

Adventure with Family + Friends

At the start of the month, we went on a steam train ride with some dear friends of ours -2 other families (who also homeschool). We had such a lovely time.

Pictures in the collage from left to right:
* Picnicing altogether (faces blurred for other children's sakes)
* Arches along the way
* Ethi enjoying the ride
* Froclicking afterwards in the woods while the adults enjoyed some coffee and sweets
* Playing 'uncle john is sick in bed' with one of the lovely dads
* Zipster relaxing
* Stass all dressed up in her prairie clothing (was fancy dress)
* Liji enjoying the view
* Me, brett and zip on the train
* The steam engine changing ends
* The boys watching the view zoom by!

Homeschooling Stuff from this past month

Pictures in the collage from left to right:
* Liji with some sight cards
* A foam digestive system I picked up from a cheap store recently. We named each part together then popped each piece out, put double sided tape on the back of each part and stuck it all back together
* Liji pouring plaster into the dinosaur moulds Aunty Meng gave him on her visit
* Ethi painting his keyring moulds that Aunty Meng gave to him
* Kids working together on a dinosaur kit that a friend passed on to them. We've been working through Ken Ham's book about dinosaurs gradually. They didn't get to finish this kit but they enjoyed working on it
* Stass baking choc chip slice by herself for morning tea not long ago. She wrote out the recipe in her own recipe book
* Some of the books and resources we've been using to learn about the digestive system
* Science experiments on inertia - cloth under a big bottle of water
* Pink balls are a mobile Stass and I made together to hang above Zippi's bed. Stass did most of it and followed the instructions well
* Science experiment done with dad to see which would clean coins better: coke, vinegar or water (vinegar won!)
* 2 of Ethi's finished painted keyrings

My Sisters Visited

It's always lovely to see my sisters. Families are a funny thing though as I'm sure most of you can attest to. Ups and downs. Good times and hard times.
Anyway, I love them both so much and miss them already.

Pictures in the collage from left to right:
* Special girly time for Stass + Aunty Dee
* Kids taking a trainride with my parents in the city when we went in to Sydney to catch up with Dee before she headed back interstate
* Cuddles with Aunty Meng
* A little bushwalking in the mountains
* Lovely sis Dee
* Stass + Zip walking around the city hand in hand
* Me in Sydney
* Family time with Meng + Stu
* Dee + Zip
* Me + Dee

A fun sleepover with special friends

Our children (and us) have been very blessed to have some special friends who are sadly moving far away this coming week. They have two sons who are sons adore and Stassi and their eldest daughter are the closest of friends. (once again faces are blurred to hide identity of other children). For a last hurrah, we had 4 of their children stay over the night and the next day. They had a blast! 8 kids in total - it was excellent!

Pictures in the collage from left to right:
* Girls snuggled in the guest room
* Pillow fight!
* Children all helping to bake some cookies for morning tea the next day
* Dancing competition at 7.30am!!!
* The night before: Bertt reading aloud while they all built with blocks
* Snuggled up on the lounge after reading + prayers to watch Little House on the Prairie with some popcorn
* Dinner together earlier that night
* The boys room

Bushwalking Adventures

Yesterday, we took all 8 children down for a bushwalk near where we live. They were delighted to find a big mass of water there and after running around it tried to make a barge and see if they could float across.
We talked about the different names of native plants that grow nearby such as
Dilwynia Retorta (common name: bacon and eggs)
Acacia Terminalis (common name: sunshine wattle)
Xanthorrhoea media (common name: grass tree)
Gee Bung (which is the common name) and the scientific name is Persoonia Aborea I think
They all enjoyed spotting them.
They also got filthy in the mud and let's just say there was quite a bit of washing to do that arvo!
(faces below blurred again)

Pictures in the collage from left to right:
* Trying to get across the water on the barge they made
* Putting the barge into the water. Brett showed them (after this shot was taken) how to flip it over so it floated rather than sank!
* Chucking balls of mud over a hill
* Carrying the panel they found down to the water - great team work! you should have heard their squeals of delight!!!
* Me with Zip in the Ergo carrier. Man she is getting heavier now!
* Trying to balance and stay bouyant (lesson on bouyancy this week in science i think!)
* Getting wet and muddy! Ah such fun!!!

This will go down as one of THE best homeschooling memories i reckon :)

Some other shots of them playing together + enjoying each others' company:
(faces blurred once again)

table soccer...


liji's cool airport and plane...

finishing off a with a group tea party (at the children's request!)...

Above Rubies

This past week I was blessed to be able to attend an Above Rubies conference to hear Nancy Campbell (the foundress) speak. She doesn't come to Sydney very often so it was lovely to be able to make the road trip down with some other friends from here to hear what she had to share.
It was encouraging and edifying as a homescholing mother.
I enjoyed that she spoke on many of the Hebrew words and how we can gain a deeper understanding of what God's Word says by understanding more of the original language it was given to us in!
The icing on the cake was meeting two  beautiful women - it was so ordained by Yahweh - we began talking since one of the ladies has the same surname as my husband's mum's side. I saw it on her nametag and we began chatting. She was soooo lovely! Then the  discussion moved from that to her just quietly saying, 'my friend and I are on a journey that's kind of different to where we have been on our Christian journey. It's like a whole different path and ...." I interupted her and asked, 'Are you talking about Torah?' She was flawed. It was exactly what she was talking about!!! My lovely friends Donna and Kathy (also on similiar Hebrews Roots kind of journeys) were both there and so we all began to chat and share. It was way too brief and I'm looking forward to catching up with them again soon!
I was just so encouraged because it was so timely. Sometimes I feel like a freakshow because this is all so new and like I shared a couple of posts ago, it is a journey. He is taking me on it. I'm not trying to do something new for the sake of it. I'm not trying to offend people. All I want to do (as I'm sure most of my readers do) is listen to Him, obey His Word and the leading of His Holy Spirit and know Him more intimately.
Anyway, it truly was a great day!

Well, it's taken me much longer than I wanted to post this but here it is anyway.
Love and many blessings,
Lus x


Gayle said...

lots of cool photos there! Great way to do an update

Stephanie4Him said...

I've been so blessed through the years by Nancy and Above Rubies ministries! Yes I wholeheartedly agree, we just want to listen and obey!! HalleluYAH!!! Great photos!!


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