Monday, September 20, 2010

First time ever Horse Riding!

Today. We went with my parents who wanted to shout the kids their first ever horse riding experience!
Needless to say, the kids were jumping out of their skin with excitement all morning + it was on their Winter Wonderful List that we made up at the start of winter. Now we can add a big tick to that one + they had a blast!

Some of the snaps from their beginners ride...

What a fun time + one they'll remember for ages to come.
SO thankful to my mum and dad for it.

They enjoyed looking at the other birds + animals there, a cockatoo, some chooks...

and a friendly little puppy...

oh they are such farm kids at heart!


Sarah Slaven said...

Oh well done Austins they are some massive beasts you are riding on there. We still think we are brave if we hop on the market ponies.

Christine said...

awesome photos Lus! What a great time you had...your kids are truly farm kids at heart :-)

love and hugs,


Peterson Party said...

How Fun!!


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