Monday, July 5, 2010

Losing + Finding + Eternity Matters...

Sometimes I feel like a real misfit. Like I don't quite fit anywhere.

Too passionate for some. Too compromising for others.
Too positive for some. Too honest for others.

I feel like I've lost some good friends because, well....I am a bit different.
I always have been - I just share with more courage now I think.

But in other ways, we don't fit in another circle because we are not different enough.
It's a tricky place to be.
It can be a lonely place too.


It also makes me more thankful for the Friend I have who walks through everything with me; my awesome Saviour God. I am also extra thankful for my best earthly mate Brett + our kiddos. I am VERY thankful too for the precious friends that I do have who love me for who I am. They don't agree with everything I say or do (how awful if they did!) and I don't always agree with what they say or do. We don't always see each other, or chat regularly on the phone, but the depth of relationship is always there whenever we do reconnect and that is really precious to me.

We love each other.
"Love must be sincere" - Romans 12:9
"A friend loves at all times..." - Proverbs 17:17

We understand that each of us is on a journey; an earthly + spiritual one.

Sometimes, that earthly one will lead us on different paths.

It might lead one family to homeschool and another to not.
It might lead one family to immunise and another to not.
It might lead one family to embrace co-sleeping and another to not.

Our spiritual journey will also lead us on different paths.

It might lead one family to celebrate the feasts of God and another to not.
It might lead one family to express worship in a particular way and another not in the same.
It might lead one family to be passionate about End Times and another not so.

However, I believe our paths are all heading for the same destination; towards the One who is the Beginning and the End of all things... Jesus my all in all.

The Bible tells me about the multifaceted nature of a God who is just in judgement, yet gracious in saving, a God who is strong in power, yet came humbly riding on a donkey. A God who said that, 'Blessed are the peacemakers for theirs is the Kingdom of heaven' and yet had such righteous holy anger that He cleared out the temple from the traders who had turned His Father's house into a 'den of thieves'.

These are not contradictions - these are ALL parts of WHO HE IS at different times.

I am made in His image.

Therefore, I too am multifaceted.

I am strong in my convictions about who I am in Christ; yet at times I need affirmation and encouragement.
I love to decorate my home with creativity; yet at times desire to sell it all and give away all I have to the poor.
I love to be with my husband and children; yet there are times I feel like if I don't take myself away somewhere for an hour or two I will go bonkers!!!
I am an organised person in some areas; yet in others there are procrastinated piles that have been hiding away in a bag/basket/corner that I haven't gone through in nearly 2 years.
I am happy to not share things like this; yet feel like if I don't get it out, I'll just burst.

I am multifaceted.

But the one constant thing in my life is God.
His presence.
His Word.
His Truth.
His Spirit.
His love.
His impression of Eternity on my heart.

And that's why I've decided to rename my blog (yes again! I know!) to
'Eternity Matters'.

Because everything I do + say, it is all a reflection of my heart which is that eternity matters.
My family life. My passions. My discussions. My fears.
Even the seemingly 'non spiritual pursuits' like the sports I love are still eternity matters to me.
God who created me gave me the ability to freely choose to enjoy these things.
He gave me taste buds to enjoy yummy foods. He gave me eyes to soak in beautiful art works.
He gave me feelings to enjoy different textures. He gave me ears to take in beautiful symphonies + a deep subwoofer bass sound. He gave me movement to enjoy breakin it down in my expression of worship to Him (give me some Toby Mac or Trip Lee turn up that bass and I am a happy gal!)
I am always reminded that He is with me + that eternity matters.

It all comes back to the one things that I know - Him and that eternity matters.

5 things I am thankful for today:

1. Early morning starts with Him and my Brett
2. Changes
3. My senses
4. The teachable moments when our kids are sick; teaching them how to pray, how to be content even when the circumstances bite, teaching them that a 'cheerful heart is good medicine' (prov 17:22)
5. Eternity Matters

Lus x


Gayle said...

I love listening to your heart you think its in God;s plan for you to write a book?...cause I think you are an amazing author :)
So glad you are blogging your heart again.

singing mama said...

LOVE this post Lusi! And the new blog title. So true we are all so complex. Hope we can catch up in person next week!!!
Luv Donna

Tara said...

Oh Lusi, you speak what I often feel. THanks for putting it into words so beautifully.

Diane said...

I was just talking to a friend this afternoon about the same kinds of things.

Gayle said...

My lost comment said 'So glad you are sharing your heart again you know if God would like you to write a book, cause you are a lovely author!. Enjoy reading what's on your heart.'

frills and spills said...

Glad you're blogging again too Lus. So much of you say resonates with me - even though we are totally different :) I've never really fit in anywhere either - except for where it matters most :)

God bless you for having courage to share your heart!

Jas xx

Cee said...

Hi Lusi

Thanks for popping by my place and I am so glad you felt refreshed by the visit. I have enjoyed dropping in here this morning also and particularly reading your heart in this post. So much of what you say resonates with me.

See you again

caz1975 said...

Hi Lusi, I always love reading the thoughts from your heart!! I too feel like I don't quite fit in a a lot of places, including in my own head sometimes in the way my thoughts often contradict each other, but we are all unique and that's a good thing. :-)

Nicolee said...

thanks again Lusi, for stirring and motivating and expressing what I so often feel, but can't verbalise! You are a gem. God is using you powerfully!


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