Sunday, July 18, 2010

First Visit to the Family Dentist...

Up to the age of 5, our kids have been seeing a community dentist through a program that runs at our local hospital. I should have taken them to our Family Dentist before this, but I haven't.

Reasons/Excuses as to why we haven't seen a *proper* dentist before this:

* Expense.
* Didn't know of a child-friendly dentist.
* The community dentist said their teeth were fine + I kind of felt like that was buying us a little more time.
* For part of the kids' early lives, I was sick with ITP + post splenectomy infections oh and looking after 3 littlies under the age of 3 years.
* A good 2 years were spent trying to get my head around how to prepare + cook foods on an additive free-low salicylate diet.
* Another year to adjust to homeschooling.
* We had a child diagnosed with HIGH FUNCTIONING AUTISM + SENSORY PROCESSING DISORDER. Any parent of a child on the Autism Spectrum knows that the noise of the drill, the taste of the fluroide, the motion of sitting back in a chair, the uncertainty of what was going to happen, the fear of having instruments being forced into his mouth are realistic causes for MAJOR MELTDOWNS
* When we had seen him being mostly healed + helped + were certain that it was time!

And that time was TODAY :)

They sat and waited patiently for their turn. Not one of them freaked out or cried or had any kind of upset.
I was holding it together really well but I tell ya, you have no idea where we have come from. It was like sitting there watching someone else's life. THIS is the kind of outing i once DREAMED might be possible.

This is the kind of day that I thought I would NEVER ever see.

My kids. Quietly waiting their turn. To be seen. By a dentist. Being treated. By a dentist. Without making up a STORY PHOTO BOOK beforehand to explain what would be expected in the experience. To NOT wear signs + symbols around my neck on a lanyard to help aid processing. To NOT hear a baby voice being used by my 6 year old because he wasn't coping. No full on behavioural issues. Kids packing away toys quietly in the waiting room once they had played with them. It was like it was something we've done before. A million times. Like it was normal. It IS normal now.

Once upon a time, just being in the waiting room would have sent Liji into a tail spin let alone sitting back in a chair, having a polish, a full examination, mirrors in his mouth, his whole mouth flossed, flouride rubbed all over his teeth - All done by someone he had never met before....

SERIOUSLY, it was incredible to watch. He sat through it all. And enjoyed it. Yes. They all enjoyed it. They laughed, they sang a little ditty each time the chair went up and down + had the dentist smiling at how cute they were being.

Even as I type this, i'm not fully conveying how incredible the experience was - HOW IT SHOWED ME YET AGAIN HOW MY GOD IS A GOD OF HEALING, OF TRANSFORMATION, OF POWER + OF MERCY.

He is.

He so IS.

And I LOVE Him to bits!

I'm a humbled + joyful mamma this arv :)

More another time.
L x
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Gayle said...

awww...have a tear in my eye..that is so wonderful Lusi! Thank You God!!

Samuel said...
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singing mama said...

Oh Lusi, wow!!!
Sounds just so like our amazing God to heal and gently lead you and your precious kidlets. What a great testimony to His faithfulness but also your hard work and determination to help Elijah function to the best of his ability in this ever changing world!
What a great visit to the dentist! I'm sure even ours would not go so smooth!
Oh btw which dentist? I am looking for a good kidlets dentist.
Praise Him!
Luv Donna

Karen said...

That's brilliant! I hope I have the same luck when I take my 17yo next week. Em hasn't been since grade 6 as she needs a general anesthetic to get work done - she has tourettes and an anxiety disorder

lusi said...

Gayle + Donna - God is so good hey!
And Karen - hope all goes well for your Em. I will pray for her + you.
Lus x

Nicolee said...

GOD IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!! That is such good happy for you and even tho our kids don't have those issues, I work with kids that do and I can only imagine what joy at Gods amazing goodness filled your heart at that moment!! WOW! x

Tara said...

Oh Lusi! Thank you so much for sharing the excitement with us. Sending lots of hugs your way... Praise God!

Karen said...

Thanks for the prayers Lusi! Em had a brilliant dentist and came out happy and ready to go back in a few weeks for 2 fillings in the chair.

lusi said...

Oh Karen I am so glad! Praise the living God who hears our prayers!!! My boys both had their first fillings yesterday - no needles!!! and the dentist was so gentle and they were so brave! Hope it goes well again for her fillings.
Love + God's blessings,
Lusi x


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