Friday, July 23, 2010

Feast of First Fruits 2010

On the Feasts of First Fruits, we celebrate our risen Jesus who is THE firstfruit - the choicest!

In the old testament (Leviticus 23:9-14), on the day of this feast, a sheaf of barley was to be waved by the High Priest on the first day of the week, to make the rest of the harvest acceptable to God. We celebrate that Jesus is like that sheaf being lifted up to make us acceptable to God! He was lifted up (risen) on the first day of the week too!
These are some of the things we love to celebrate at this feast; rejoicing in seeing our Jesus lifted up!!!
I also love that this is a Festival time of celebration that Yahweh (God's Hebrew name) Himself set apart. He called these feasts "My Feasts" (see Leviticus 23) so we reckon they must be pretty special to Him!
We also LOVE that these feasts have been celebrated by many of God's people over thousands of years as a sign to point to our Messiah, Jesus! We LOVE that they also point us to the signs of the coming of His second return...more on that some other time maybe.

For now, here are some of the snaps from our First Fruits celebration this year...

It was so early there was still alot of dew on the ground. Such a crisp morning!

Love this shot...Climbing up 'praying rock' as it is affectionately known in our watch the surnise and remember how the women went to the tomb early on the day after the Sabbath to find that Jesus had risen! (Mark 16:2) Our mates Ben + Jas came with us...

Our kids watching the sunrise...

singing the 'He is the Firstfuits' song that we wrote this year...
Brett reading the resurrection story to us all...

Insert funny story here: This year, First Fruits fell on the same weekend as the clocks changing over from the Day Light Saving thang. The night before, Ben + Jas came by + we were all talking about how we mustn't forget to change our clocks but Jas + I said we couldn't remember which way they went. Ben thought it went one way so we all changed the clocks that way. Now to get up in time to watch the sun rise we knew we were aiming to get up just a bit before 6 i think it was. Well, we ended up getting up just before 5 instead because we put our clocks the wrong way! We realised it BEFORE we woke the kids (thankfully!) and then Ben + Jas rocked up + we were cracking up on the lawn about how ridiculously early it was! Since they live nearby, they decided to go home + come back in an hour's time except that by that stage the sun had almost fully risen!!! It was like a comedy of errors but it was fab. No one was annoyed and it actually set the tone of celebration for our day! Just wanted to note down that little story for years to come!

Once we got back home, we had a yummy brekky of warm things + fruit things to go on waffles...

mmm num num!

Stass was so cute. She arranged hers with little waffle hearts going around the side of her plate!

Firstfruits paper banner i made and hung out in the family room

I made these number one's out of cardstock and hole punched them so they can be held together with a jump ring. The 'one' stands for Jesus being the FIRST of so many things...firstborn of God (heb 1:6), firstborn of Mary (matt 1:23-25), He is the first and last (rev 1:18), He is to be our first love (rev 2:4), firstborn from the dead (rev 1:5), firstfruit of the resurrection (1 Cor 15:22-23), firstborn over all creation (col 1:15). I saw these references listed together like this somewhere and loved them. They remind me of how incredible Jesus is! These make up several of the lines of our First Fruits song.
 I just love seeing the fullness of God in Him! On the back of these numbers, everyone wrote something they were thankful to Yahweh for and we are going to add to this next year with more number 'one's' and more things that we are thankful to Him for!

I didn't know that she was doing this, nor did she know that I was making the number ones, but Stass made these in her bed the night before. They are cards with our names decorated on the front and inside she put a special sticker that she had chosen for each person. Then she said she thought we could each write what we love about Jesus inside! What a gorgeous kid!

Just in case there are new readers here....we don't 'do' these feasts because we are trying to 'be saved' or 'justified'. Not at all! We LOVE celebrating our awesome God in them. We LOVE learning more about Him through His leading us in the Word + teaching us His ways. We find these are a great tool to help us draw closer to Him and to teach our children too.

Hmmm...i think only Feast of Weeks (Pentecost) to go now for the first 4 feasts for this year that have already passed. Then another 3 to come later on in the year.
More another time.
Lus x


kathy said...

It's all so interesting. I'm really enjoying reading about all these feasts. I definitely want to check them all out what a great way to remember God and all that He has done! It looks like the children really enjoy them too. IRS something that doesn't seem to be taught much as I really don't know too much about all the different feasts. Thanks for sharing :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Lusi - just thought I'd share a little trick for how to remember which way the clocks go for DLS
If it is spring - we spring forward - when it is fall (autumn) we fall back - I learnt it in America - hence the fall - but it works and now I always remember!
Love and God bless
Tam (Tambear - SOF)

ffordd y drindod said...

Miss you and your fam x

lusi said...

Thanks Tam for that tip about day light savings! I'll try and remember that for next year lol :)

Anth - miss you too so much mate. xox

Kathy - so glad that you are enjoying reading about them all. Leviticus 23 is a great read + Romans 11 too about us being grafted in to Israel! We really get so much out of the Word through the Holy Spirit during these times. God is teaching us all and it is really encouraging. Bless you mate as you seek Him! Love lus x


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