Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Feasts...

Earlier this year we celebrated Passover, The Feast of Unleavened Bread and the Feast of Firstfruits and not long ago, the Feast of Weeks (Pentecost). Now in the past, I have put photos of these great celebrations on my blog but since I was off blogging when they happened, I don't have a record for them anywhere here. So I have decided to upload all the photos and document part of the story for my blogging record. These take a fair bit of time to do so I will be working on these posts in the coming days/weeks/however long it takes! lol!

For those who may be new readers here, we celebrate the Feasts of God in a Messianic way. These means that when we celebrate them, we are learning about God's plan through Jesus!

We don't do this because we are under law. We're not :)
We don't do it because we have to. We don't :)

We certainly don't do it to 'earn' salvation. We can't.

We are ONLY saved by grace through faith in our awesome Saviour, Jesus Christ (Ephesians 2:8-10).

We celebrate these appointed times because we believe it is something God created for His people. We love learning more about Him through these times. We love pointing our kids (and our own hearts) towards Jesus during these times. We love learning about what He still has in store for us all through these times.

Interestingly, God never said these feasts were for Israel; in fact He said 'they are MY feasts' (Lev 23:1-4) The Feasts (outlined throughout Leviticus 23 in the Bible) were holy convocations that God's people were to partake in. A holy convocation can be translated into 'a dress rehearsal'. So by celebrating these special festivals, we are partaking in the dress rehearsals that were pointing all of God's people towards our Messiah, Jesus. How exciting!

In fact, on the same day at the very hour that the Passover Lambs were being sacrificed, Jesus Himself became the sacrificed Passover Lamb to take away the sins of the world! At the time when all of Israel was celebrating the Feast of First Fruits, Jesus was rising from the grave to be declared the 'first fruit of the resurrection' (1 Corinthians 15:0, 23). When God-fearing Jews were gathered in Jerusalem to celebrate the Feast of Weeks (the giving of the law being remembered), we see that the Holy Spirit was released and poured out over the believers. About 3000 died the day the law was given. About 3000 were saved on the day the Holy Spirit was given.

It is no coincidence that Jesus fulfilled all 4 of the first lot of feasts on the actual day that God had commanded His people to be performing the 'dress rehearsal'. And now we get to be apart of the dress rehersal for the last 3 (which prophetically point to Jesus' second return). To us, that is an awesome and precious gift; one that we don't want to miss out on!

So that is why we choose to celebrate the feasts of God.

More photos to come soon...


Tara said...

Are there any resources about the feasts that you would recommend? Just asking out of interest. :)

lusi said...

Oops I posted my reply in the wrong spot. SO here it is again copied and pasted....

Tara, there is a book that we ended up buying by Robin Sampson called 'A Family Guide to the Biblical Holidays' and it has been really helpful. I wrote a little about it with a link to a preview version in this post here:

A friend of mine just bought a copy from a place called The Book Depository I think. From memory she said there was no postage charge. It's really thick but is FULL of creative ideas to make these festivals a special time of fun + celebration + meaning.

I've also bought quite a few books from Koorong in the last 6 months about them. They are good background info kind of resources but not a lot of practical 'how to' kind of help which you get in the 'purple book' (the family guide...)

Hope that helps. :)

Much love,
Lus x

Tara said...

Thanks Lusi! (btw book depository is AWESOME... I recently bought a book through them cheaper than I could get through Word or Koorong!)


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