Sunday, November 29, 2009

Out to afternoon tea...

...after having been to an art gallery.

This little place was so cute and had over 3000 teapots on display.

The kids loved looking at them all.

A great family arvo (although not of course without on-the-spot issues to deal with...touching things, disobeying requests, reminding about manners - but that's all part of the deal and we still enjoyed ourselves. Stassi was pretending she was a princess and it was so beautiful!)

Not bad for an iphone pic!

More soon,

Lus x


Homeschoolmum4Christ said...

Hi Lusi,
What a wonderful afternoon you and the children must have had! Teaching children the appropriate behaviour for different situations is so important, too, so well done. *pat on back*

3,000 teapots in one place - astounding!

Have a wonderful week,

jodie said...

all those kiddies in a roomful of fine china! You are a braver woman than I Lusi!!

P.S I plan on joining in with your Have a Heart thing...just need a few days before i can sit down to do it...has really got me thinking though and thankyou for that xx

lusi said...

Lol Jodie!!! And glad to have you join in whenever mate!

And I agree too Jillian about giving the kids the chance to learn to behave in various settings.

Love lus x

Sarah Slaven said...

Your family looks wonderfully coordinated in that shot and Ethi's face is too cute. I want to join your 'Have a Heart' but it's going to be a post I need to think about when the rush of this birthday weekend has worn off.

Michelle said...

hello! just found you on the aussie homeschool bloggers. You have so many beautiful pics posted here. I with the comment - you are brave taking kids into that much china! xx


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