Monday, November 2, 2009

I made a swimming costume!

We have just returned from our wonderful annual mother's group family holiday down the coast. It was so fantastic :) The night before we left I decided to make a swimming costume for Zippi (as you do... lol) but she had already gone to bed. I used material I had bought from Kaz :)
So i just kind of guessed,
sketched up a rough design and just went for it.
Here's how it turned out....front (with a little frill even!)

and the back (I used FOE for the straps - just happened to have a matching colour in my stash from when I ordered supplies for my mcn's which are still unmade!)

And Zippi loving up the sand...

is there anything sweeter than chubby little toes squelching in the sand...

I did check out these tips first before I began sewing which I found helpful.
I have heaps more to post but the kids have all woken up just now so it will have to wait till later :) Hope you had a tops weekend too!
Love Lus x


Karen Day said...

ur so clever :)

lusi said...

oh lol Karen - i don't know about that, but i did have a lot of fun making it!!! hope you are well mate :) i think of you often.
Love lus x

Neek said...

oh my! How darn sweet.......!

Can I place an order for boy leg girls swimming pants? They are so HARD to buy on their own... :) :) lol

lusi said...

thanks neek! you are gorgeous :)
I'd have a crack if i could guarantee that they'd turn out ok!!! lol :)I'm going to try and make myself a decent halter neck style shirt.
Hope you are well Neek :)
Lus x

Jo said...

Adorable!! You are so clever.

Jasmine said...

Wow Lusi - awesome job on Zippi swimmers!!! And she looks so adorable wearing them too :)

Jas xx

Sarah Lou said...

So adorable - how did you find working with the lycra?

lusi said...

Hi Sarah Lou! Thanks for your comment. I found the Lycra pretty easy to work with but did use a 'Jersey' ballpoint needle for it. I didn't have any trouble with it but a while ago i tried sewing up some stretch knit fabric and the needle broke :( Jersey is the way to go i reckon!

thanks girls for your comments too!
love lusi x


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