Thursday, November 5, 2009

10 Completely Random Things about Our life right now...

1. I've joined in the 10000 STEPS challenge (LOl! not 1000 as i first typed - thanks Gayle and Brett for pointing it out!!!) where you record your steps each day. I bought a pedometer at my Weight Watchers meeting this week and began recording my steps.
On the first day I walked 11,706 (including some time on my new Wii Fit Plus - which rocks) and yesterday I walked 11,079 steps (no wii fit time). You go over and record your steps and you can do it as a team or as an individual. Pretty cool - helps keep me accountable. Loving being back at WW and remembering to eat!

2. Had a blessed time visiting my friend Emily from chuch last night who has just had a precious baby boy. What a miraculous story :) We don't get much time to just hang out together so it was lovely to sit and chat and pray with her little prince sleeping. Precious time.

3. Still behind in a few tasks at the moment and it can really do my head in i tell ya! Trying to get on top of at least one or two jobs a day but it is easier in theory than in practice. I know they will get done but one task on my little list has taken 6 months already and the other has taken 4.5 months!!! Very frustrating.

4. Yesterday Zippi ate; a whole banana with some banana and pear farex, 2 baby mum mum rice rusks, a whole pear, lots of mummy's milk, some chicken, sucked on a snow pea from our garden, ate a BIG served of 7 homecooked vegies + a small forumla bottle. The girl is such a good eater - praise God!

5. Stass has recently turned a massive corner with her spelling which is such a good thing for her because it was getting her down even though we were really trying to encourage her with it. I'm so happy for her. She has travelled some difficult stuff this past week but God is sovereign and I know He will continue to bring her through.

6. Little star charts for added behavioural incentive have been working well. 1 star stamp, 3 pieces of cardstock, one cardstock sqaure on the fridge with a pic of what the reward is once ten stamps are recieved. The first reward was a safe-ish icecream spider (their first one which they loved) and the next incentive is a family water pistol fight in the backyard. The past fortnight in particular has been very difficult. Love that God often brings inspiration at the right times to help break cycles and get us out of a rut. He is so good :)

7. Brett is loving working on a 1000 piece puzzle on the back table. Love that we have a table big enough to leave it set up on the felt mat, and still be able to have dinner althogether at the other end of the table!

8. Zippi was up on her hands and knees rocking a bit yesterday. I nearly cried! Our baby is getting ready to crawl!!!

9. Yesterday I finally got all the clothing unpacked and away from our holiday (!!!), along with the baskets of washing mum and dad folded when they were visting the other day. They were so beautiful and sent Brett + me off to *our* cafe for a little time together while they minded the kids and cleaned up at home a bit. Their support is incredible and I feel so thankful to God to give me the best parents in the world. Not that we haven't had our issues - of course we have but that's what family is all about. Love, forgiveness, joy, freedom and peace.

10. The kids did gorgeous drawings of a mako shark the other day from a cool drawing book we bought them recently and their pics are hanging on the fridge.

More another time,
Lus x


Gayle said...

Hey Lusi....I did the 10,000 step challenge with Mum for a ped is broken though now :( Hey you better change it from 1000 to 10,000...I know its just a typo ;)

Homeschoolmum4Christ said...

Hi Lusi,
Wow - how old is Zippi? She seems too little to crawl, and it only seems like yesterday that you put the first baby photos onto your blog. :P

Have a wonderful weekend.

Nat said...

Hey honey! Your holiday looks like it was fantastic and much needed and much enjoyed!! Love all your snaps! My gosh Zippi is a beautiful little thing! (as are the rest of your kids but that pic of Zip just melted my heart).

Good on you for joining the 100 Steps challenge. Maybe you'll just inspire me to do the same. Will check it out and maybe buy that pedometer at meeting this week too. Can you call me after your meeting on Tues night so we can check in with each other - or what time do you get home?

Love you lots xx

Homeschoolmum4Christ said...

I have an award waiting for you on my blog.☺

singing mama said...

Hey lusi :) thinking of you and praying for you and whatever your facing today good or bad.
Luv Donna


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