Wednesday, September 9, 2009

So yesterday...

my beautiful friend who was going through some hard stuff had a real miracle! A complete healing in her body.

The surgeon was ready to operate on her at Westmead yesterday to remove one of the 'aggressive' lumps which they had told her they believed had gone into the lymph nodes. Ian + Helen (our beautiful pastors and mates) took her down while I looked after her daughter (18) who arrived crying. 2 of her sisters have died from breastcancer. Her father had breast cancer. It looked ominous. She'd already had mamograms + they said they needed to bump up her appointment to deal with this very quickly. Soooooo many people, especially from our church, have been praying for her, for complete healing and for God to be glorified through this situation.

And He has been!

She rang me at around 4pm to say that they could NOT FIND THE BIG 5cm LUMP!!! IT HAS VANISHED!!! They poked and prodded and looked for so long but they could not find it! And the smaller one they said now looks like a cyst. The surgeon was amazed. The doctor was amazed. Praise the Lord who healed her!!!

So everyone came back to our house last night + we had a lovely celebratory dinner together. He is so good hey! It could have been such a different night but instead we were all smiling and filled with joy (despite all being really tired).

In the night, Brett had to take liji to the dr's with some gut issues + conjunctivitis that set in within a matter of hours. Zippi now has conjunctivitis too. But God who healed my friend can heal my kids too.

Romans 15:13 May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.

This scripture was given to me over the weekend by someone and it rings so true in this situation.

I hope this encourages you today, like it has me, that no matter what, we can completely trust in our God who is faithful, caring + loving.

5 things I am thankful for:

1. My dear friend. Knowing her has taught me so much about the forgiveness and love of Christ in a more real way than I've ever known
2. Our beautiful church family especially Iam + Helen
3. That we live so close to a great hospital + that Liji feels better this morning
4. Stassi being so helpful today
5. A moment to rest, reflect + praise God

Love Lus x


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing that Lusi, it's a reminder I need as I'm sat home with a health issue. All praise to our Lord who knows our hearts and loves His children. GG xxx

lusi said...

Hi my lovely Gail. SOrry to hear you are not well mate :( Hope you get better soon. Sending you my love + BIGGEST belated thanks for the beautiful card you sent me.
Love you,
Lus x

Tara said...

How awesome is our God!


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