Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Around the home lately...

This is probably not new to many other people, but I used to just freeze meat in the plastic butcher's bags when I got home from shopping. Well lately, I've been re-packing them completley flat into freezer bags. The reason i've started doing this is so that the meat thaws out evenly rather than getting to 4.30pm in the arv and finding that the middle of the mince is still frozen solid! Like I said, no huge revelation but something i wish I'd been doing over the past couple of years :)

Blessed by a friend with another leap pad so that the boys now have one each to play with. Since we cut down on TV watching this year, this has been one of the things they have enjoyed chilling out doing that they can manage on their own + they are learning a bit of Spanish along the way doing it! lol :)

Around our dining table were some flowers my kind friend Leonie brought around one morning, + our laminated dinner table conversation starters (in the glass jug). We've been enjoying hearing the kids especially talk about a number of different things - they are really into it - so sweet to hear their hearts :) Also on the table is...this red Bible Stories book which we've found is great for our kids right now. Short stories with a little question or two at the end. It gives us a chance to expand on some of the parts of these stories that they may already know. We have our normal Bible reading in the morning (this year we've worked through Matthew, Mark + partly through Luke now) and our Bible memory verses are in the morning but at night over our meal we read one or two short summaries of Bible stories from called 365 Read-Aloud Bedtime Bible Stories. Admittedly there have been one or two things in there so far that we haven't felt was right but that again gives us a chance to get real with the Word, read it out from our family Bible + talk about our faith. Good stuff :)

Our first loaf of bread made in the bread maker which a mate of ours has kindly leant us to see if we like it so that we can buy it from her if we like. Also made a couple of tasty cakes in it. This bread was really yummy...

as was the safe pear jam i also made in the bread maker...

i took this photo of the kids through the back screen door- love the way Elijah has his hand on Ethan's shoulder telling him something very important! lol :) And they are eating the homemade bread + jam (albeit in the breadmaker -still..!!!)

bought some jars ready for learning preserving recently. i got them from Aunty Kerrie's op shop - thanks Aunty Kerrie for always being so beautiful to me :) love you!

And remember how we had horses that visited a fortnight or so ago? Well the latest animal to find its way into our backyard is a duck - well actually a pair of ducks. We are still wondering if the Lord is trying to get our attention about something. Who can say f-a-r-m? :)

5 things I am thankful for today:

1. Our washing machine was fixed - and under warranty still!

2. Energetic but mostly happy children

3. Great friends + getting to spend time with some of them every now and then.

4. That even when I fail and I am not patient, that I can confess that to the Lord who is 'faithful and just to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.' my fave part of that verse? ALL. yep. ALL of the rubbish. Thank you Lord.

5. Bible Study yesterday. Encouragement. Discussion. Prayer. Fellowship. The Word of God. Love.

L x


Sarah Lou said...

That pear jam looks divine! recipe to share?

Tara said...

We have a blue tongue lizard couple living in our garden at the moment. Don't see them very often, but I am as excited as a kid. It's so awesome. :)

lusi said...

Hi Sarah Lou - thanks for commenting! I will try and leave both the recipe for the stove top + the one i used this time for the breadmaker in the coming days. If you make some, I'd love to hear how it went!

And Tara - a blue tongue? How cool!!!


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