Thursday, September 24, 2009

i'm sure there was a time...

not so long ago that i felt that i had something to say.
like something insightful + meaningful.
maybe i do still but there's not much time anymore to do it.
lol :)
maybe i'll get around to posting those thoughts again.
maybe :)
maybe i'll get around to finishing off the other 1000 things on my lists to do that have been growing longer and longer over the past 5 months.
maybe i won't.

but one thing i am completely sure of.
i am loving being brett's wife.
i am loving being a SAHM.
i am loving homeschooling.
i love being in my home.
i am loving learning from God right now.

the important stuff is what i'm loving.
there'll always be stuff to do.
but right now i'm thankful that even if i don't get everything done, don't get to say all that is in this mind and heart of mine, that i am grateful for the best things.

L x


jodie said...

thanks Lusi, you have really encouraged me today xx

Karen said...

You always encourage me too Lusi just by writing straight from your heart. God Bless you guys.

Sumara said...

Well I just love seeing what you're all up to!


Chrissy said...

They are all wonderful things to LOVE and cherish honey, life must be good.... :)


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