Monday, August 24, 2009

Living the simple life among other things...

It's funny. We've been talking alot lately about plans that we have; well desires + hopes more than anything + just bringing them before the Lord. One of them involves living more simply, more off the 'land' + maybe God has heard our prayers considering that over the last week we've been randomly visited by 2 ducks, a dog, a cat + these 2 beauties ...

How many of you in suburbia (even quiet suburbia like we have here) have had a pair of horses wander onto your front lawn as you are cutting back a hedge? Brett handled them BEAUTIFULLY!!! Maybe some day it will come to pass but for now it was just a nice little visit!

Speaking of cutting back that hedge...

we spent some time in the garden last week trying to cultivate our herbs. here are the chives...

we decided to buy the kids a tent...

+ brett had their very own 'boys only' night in the tent! they LOVED it!!! (loved it sick as i've been saying all the time lately)...

Stass was also up for a first this past week - her first piano concert for us! Mum is her teacher + is giving her (almost) weekly lessons + so they performed 2 duets for our family, my dad + brett's mum + dad + brett's sis too :) It was lovely + we are all really proud of her efforts! Thanks mum for the lessons!!!

Last week Stass + Liji taught themselves how to swing up high then jump out of the swing and land on their feet - i remember how 'big' i felt when i was a kid + was able to do that :)

In the past week, Zippi has dicovered she can hold things like a dummy or a rusk + put them into her mouth + pull them out + put them back in again! So sweet - epecially when she misses + tries to put it into her cheek or tries to ram it up her nostril! :) She's also rolled twice now from her back to her tummy. Time is flying by man! Her sleeping is unpredicatable but we have just enough strength to get through from the Lord.

We've been studying the water cycle (rain) + the four main types of clouds in homeschooling.

The kids tried some chinese spinach in a frittata which I was under the impression might be safe, since 'chinese vegetables' are listed as low-moderate salicylates in my book :( hmmmm not so much i'm thinkin. At least we know now they can't tolerate it. Attending a talk by Sue Dengate, author of 'Fed Up' (with Additives) + i'm looking forward to hearing her share. We've been nasty additive free now for over 2 years (liji has been lactose free for this time too) + we've been low-mod salicylate for over a year now. I think i'm in need of some fresh inspiration! :) Since we've been a bit more lenient with the diet, we've noticed big changes in the kids again + some days feel like we are going backwards. Ah the joys hey. We'll get there!
Last week was filled with plenty of cooking - made chicken soup, chicken stock, baked lentil pies, a really yummy pumpkin pie, safe choc chip cookies + a couple of other things.

I organised a very casual but beautiful double baby-blessing (which is like a baby shower) at
church. We gathered around these beautiful women + prayed with them, laying hands on them. We prayed for an amazing birth for each of them (one is homebirthing + the other I am a support person for!). We prayed for God's protection, joy, peace, blessing + glory to be with them + their bubba's in the lead up to the birth, during + after the births too.
There were yummy treats + punch to enjoy as we sat around + chatted together. I made up a findaword for everyone to have a go at filled with the girls' names + other words surrounding birth. I made a baby big + over-the-shoulder-pukey-cloth (offical technical name obviously!) for one of the girls + was pretty happy with the way it turned out since i didn't have a pattern or anything. here's the back...I also made up some baby blessing mini books. All the women were asked to come with something to write; a verse of scripture, a poem, a prayer, a word + record it in the book. I know I held my one very close to my heart in the lead up to birth that was given at my baby blessing for Zippi.

Have been culling stuff in our home again. Just realising more + more that we don't NEED so much stuff. Finding better homes for it all.

Brett had his presentation night for playing State League Basketball + we went together with Zip while his parents so kindly minded the kids. They + Brett's sis also kindly watched them last week for me after having a night of almost no sleep which was such a blessing. Am so thankful for them. Anyway, I was so proud of Brett + the way he played this season. He played with integrity + passion. He was 100% committed to the team + with all that he has going on at home with a busy homeschooling wife, 4 energetic kids, a lack of sleep plus work, he did SO well!!! I am just so proud of you mate :) Love you xox

I also had the chance to go hang out with my mothers group girlfriends for our pre-holiday planning night. Was lovely to chat + enjoy yummy food together. A real treat. I'd expressed for Zip + left the milk in the freezer but she didn't even need it + slept the whole time while I was away + woke just after i got home - yay!

5 things I am thankful for today:

1. Nomes coming to mind the kids with almost no notice. She is such a gem + a beautiful sister in Christ; am so thankful for her!

2. Being able to go + hear Sue Dengate talk with Brett

3. Trust

4. The ladies study on Philippians we are doing together

5. Good Books

Lus x


Jasmine said...

Wow - what a full week you've had! How cool to have all those animal visitors ;)
Lachie keeps asking me to take him camping - so in the backyard might be the go for now (when it gets a *little* bit warmer ;) ) Great idea!

LOVE your pukey cloths - great gift idea. They come in soooooo handy - even with babies who aren't very pukey. There's always something or other to mop up with babies around :)

Love Jas xx

Diane said...

I was just skimming through your blog when I noticed the word "NEED" so I stopped and read that little paragraph. I have So been pondering that same thing. In fact, I was just thinking "lessen up" and "use it, or lose it" - both in relation to getting rid of stuff (and NOT getting any more) - as inspiration for my art journal pages.
You're a great mum.
God bless you.

Nat said...

Loved 'catching up' with your family honey. OH yum, that pumpkin pie looks delish!!! Mmmm, I'd love the recipe.
And how did the craft night at church go too... in fact, I might just give you a call.. love ya xx

Kath said...

Wow, I am awestruck. How did you come across my blog? I was just reading through yours, and looking at the pics, and was like so surprised to find that you know the McPhails too (with the grinding machines!). WOW. Can you e-mail me? (k_twinkle_82 @ obviously they all go together but just trying to avoid spammers. Look forward to hearing from you. So inspirational reading your blog... and would love to chat with you!
~ Kath

JO said...

I stumbled across your blog whilst reading Kath's (my cousin) - loved it, always great to find a Christan blogger. I was very interested in the part about Sue Dengate. We meet her in Darwin when my son was 6 and we were part of her bread tests (before she wrote her first book). She taught us so much about nasty additives and for a long while we followed her diet and Tristan improved no end. It was going back to "good old fashion cooking".

Feel free to visit my blog whenever.



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