Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Safe Pizzas

How to make yummy safe Parsley Pesto Pizzas (thanks to

1. Make your yummy dough using self raising flour, nuttelex and water. Let the kids go to town with the rolling pin, not worring one iota about how much flour is making it to the flour!
3. Make up a parsley pesto (we can't use tomatoes for those who are wondering why we don't just open a can of tomato paste!) which consists of a big bunch of parsley (not suitable if you are strictly on a failsafe diet - parsley is fine for us though) and some canola oil and a good couple of tablespoons of crushed garlic and a pinch or two of salt in a food processor.
4. Spread the parsley pesto onto the pizza bases and added shredded chicken breast from bbq chook (no skin) and add a sprinkle of spring onions and cheese (if you can tolerate amines and glutamates which we can except for mr Liji). Cook in the oven and serve to hungry little mouths whilst watching Master Chef! Brett and I made our own unsafe pizzas but the kids LOVED these ones! So glad :)

Other notable stuff:

* CONGRATULATIONS to our lovely friends Bek & Nath and the kids on the arrival of their darling Benjamin James a couple of days ago. Bek had an active birth which lasted only 1 hour and 10 mins and gave birth to their son who weighed in at 10 pounds 5 oz! What a miracle birthing is and we are all so happy for you guys! Love you xox

* HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my mate Siany! Love you lots and hope you had a great day :)

* Am reading THIS BOOK WHICH IS CALLED 'THE MOST IMPORTANT PLACE ON EARTH; WHAT A CHRISTIAN HOME LOOKS LIKE AND HOW TO BUILD ONE which I am finding really inspirational. Alot of practical hints on how to live what we believe in our homes.

* All the kids are doing really well with homeschooling and Liji especially has improved in massive leaps and bounds in fundamental areas. He really has surpassed all the expectations we had and it is a miracle in our own home unfolding infront of our very eyes. God is so good man :) One of the most important things though to us is how they are getting along together and in that area we can't get over how much better they are interacting. Yes there is still fighting but it is no where near what it used to be plus its like the more time they spend together, the more they like it and the more they like each other!!!!

* My mate Reb helped me and today I put in an order for LEM PHONICS (thanks so much mate) and Sarah helped guide me towards a binder called 501 SCIENCE EXPERIMENTS - which we are really excited about checking out when they arrive in the mail :)

* My order for my mcn making efforts arrived yesterday arv and i can't wait to get into it!

* I got AUSTRALIAN HOMESEWN MAGAZINE today both Mel Goodsell and Kim Archer have gorgeous projects in! I have only had a chance to quickly flick through this but am loving it so far - very clever girls and loads of inspirational things to create!

* Zippi is starting to mimic sounds like 'O'- sooooooo mega cute!
* Ethi - still has his heart set on playing football in the NFL in America when he grows up!
* Liji - has been creating up a storm lately; he drew the most gorgeous Emperor Penguin hatching an egg today (the egg was even cracking open!)
* Stassi - is persevering with her keyboard lessons and practice and doing really well. She's also trying so hard with her blanket stitching :)

Yes some days are hard being a mum but man i feel so blessed and I would not want to swap this role for anything.
I love it.

5 things I am thankful for today:

1. Dessert with Ben and Arls and Billy :)
2. Living with the knowledge of Ephesians 6:12 and praying together with Brett accordingly is such an almighty blessing that I am thankful for
3. The home we have and establishing it on the firm foundation of our Rock Jesus!
4. Pinecones in the basket on our coffeetable which reminds me of winter and how blessed we are to be able to keep warm
5. Discovering the Pasley Pesto sauce!

Love Lus x
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Anonymous said...

The Lord is my rock too, and He has placed you in my life for inspiration and love. So today I just want to say thank you, for being just who you are and encourage you to continue seeking Him in all you do.
Love GG

Chrissy said...

Oh Lus I HEAR you!! Being a mumma to my 3 treasures.... there are no words....

singing mama said...

Hey Lovely Lusi :)

That pizza looks yummo!!! think we might try it even though we arent salicydate free.

I so agree, I LOVE been a mama even though its hard work some days!

Luv Donna

Lee said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Really nice t meet you. I look forward to reading all about you now!

Siany said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes Lus! I bumped into your hubs and Stass this arvo! Shes such a gorgeous girl :)

I love looking at all your gorgeous photos of the kids!! Miss ya

Nat said...

Am TOTALLY going to make that pizza one day - we miss pizzas around our house!!

And I'm totally LOVING the book too - isn't it inspirational!! I think I will need to read it through a few times... I have sooo many things to change - your house on the other hand looks a LOT more like what one 'should'...

And jealous much about your new mag! I need to go on the hunt for one!!

Love you xxx

Anonymous said...

hey lusi - the book sounds great! i read a few reviews after reading about it here and have just ordered it online from "our church bookstore". this is something that i really feel that i can improve on as a stay at home mum.

hope u have a great sunday! :D

Karen Day

lusi said...

Hey Nat - so glad you like the book - we have been shown so many things by the Lord to through it; am so pleased you like it hun and you will LOVE the mag!
And Karen - girl you will not be disappointed i reckon with your purchase! Hope life is good for you sweets :)
Love Lus x


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