Saturday, June 27, 2009

Low Salicylate Potato Bake Recipe

For Diane and Jillian :)

10-20 large white peeled + thinly sliced potatoes (i used about 9 i think for me + the kids but we want to make it larger next time)
1-4 tablespoons of chives
1 cup of LACTOSE FREE CREAM (we use the LIDDELLS BRAND which is the same brand as our lactose free milk. The lactose free cream we get is from Coles and is found in a UHT carton (1 cup) and is next to the custard powder in our Coles aisles. It took me a long time to find it up here because i was expecting to find it with the uht milks but i didn't think to look in the custard section! lol :) You can check out which supermarkets stock which products in each state on their website - you can click HERE to find out where in NSW.
1/2 cup of melted Nuttelex (margarine substitute)
1 thinly sliced leek (only slice the white parts)

1. Preheat oven to 180 degrees celcius
2. Put 1/2 of the sliced potatoes at the bottom of a casserole dish.
3. Sprinkle the leeks and chives on top of the potaotes
4. Add the rest of the potatoes on top of the leeks and chives
5. Pour melted nuttelex + 1 cup of cream over it all
6. Cook for 1/2 hour - 1 hour or until potatoes are soft and the top is golden brown

I got this recipe from the SALICYLATESENSITIVE.COM website which I've only found recently but is a great resource. The only thing I would say is that I'm not 100% sure of all the categorising on there. For instance, I've tried finding out in the RPA Friendly Food book how safe 'limes' are but can't find them listed. I presumed that being a citrus limes would be high but now I'm not so sure since i can't find them either in the list of fruits/vegies in the elimination diet booklet. Anyone got any knowledge on limes to share with me please? The rest of the list at looks pretty good although there are one or two other things that i think are listed as moderates but i think are actually high. Anyway, like i said, some great things there to try. We are also having a parsley pesto + chicken pizza that i adapted from that site this week. Will post about how that goes too :)

Well hope that helps and let me know if you try it!

5 things I am thankful for today:
1. The kids having doing so well today at Brett's basketball game. It was the best behaved they have ever been and another mum there who has seen them at every game for the past 4 years commented on how calm they were - especially Elijah. Praise God :) It doesn't often happen like that so when it does we really notice it and really thank the Lord for it!
2. That Zippi finally settled tonight after a tough start.
3. My beautiful caring Brett
4. Skype texting with Anth tonight :)
5. Chatting with Reb today :)


Diane said...

Thanks for sharing that recipe.
I am wondering if the cream would have amines - something that is worse than salicylates for us :(
The Feingold diet has a lot of foods listed that are still high or very high in salicylates. I would be avoiding limes.

lusi said...

Hi Diane :)
I checked my book about cream and it says it is low in amines but i'm no expert that is for sure especially since our kids aren't affected by them. I have friend who is more affected by amines and her son more so by salicylates so they have to be very careful and i think from memory your fam might be the same? I'm still learning lots about what is right for our family and i was VERY excited when my friend passed on the cream to us not long ago.
Anyway, thanks for sharing and still steering clear of the limes!
Hope you and your fam are all well :)
Lus x

Kaz said...

Sounds yum....might try that one myself. The family love potato bake, so it will be a nice change. We are having a roast cooked on the bbq tonight. Have been playing at Hartley all day - check out the blog. :)

Chrissy said...

I love potato bake and this one sounds very yummy! :) Have loved looking at all your recent piccies too hon, the ones of you and Natti just make my heart smile SO BIG!! :) :) How precious for you both...
Hugs sweetie
Chrissy x

Nat said...

Hey hun!
Thanks for the b'day message for Miss Lani. And no, I don't think I've waited a whole week for a parcel from them. I would usually have got it on the Wed, but I guess it also depends on when the money would have gone through. I think I use the same bank as BE so it goes in the same day for me. Won't be long, can't wait to see more nappies from you!


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