Thursday, July 9, 2009

Guess who turned 12 weeks yesterday?

How quickly time flies!
Zipporah, you are such a blessing to us all :)
At 3 months Zippi you are smiling, giggling, teething, discovering your hands, really giving beautiful eye contact and connecting with us all. You are recognising when someone calls your name (and even your knicknames - pippi the paw paw, pitty girl (how my dad says pretty girl), googly bear, nay nay (stass' knickname for you). You hold your head up for long periods of time. You LOVE to feed whenever, wherever and stare up beautifully into my eyes - such a special time for us to share :) You have good long sleeps during the day but not so much just yet at night. You listen every sleep to the Deborah Foletta gospel hymns cd and it seems to really calm you. You LOVE cuddles with the kids and put up with them getting in your face a little too often sometimes! You love to chat to yourself (and us) underneath your play gym.
Love you precious girl :)
Mum x
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miss~nance said...

She is simply a dlaring. ANd thanks for your encouraging comment on my blog.

Love you lots

Hugs & blessings


Anonymous said...

Lus, she is absolutely gorgeous!!! Makes me clucky, looking at her :-)
The Lord has blessed you all abundantly..dont we have a beautiful Saviour? Love u lots...Christina xxxx

Chrissy said...

Awww Lus, she looks like pure sunshine to me...

singing mama said...

She's just beautiful Lusi!! what a blessing, God is good!!

Luv Donna

mrs boo radley said...

What a beauty! She looks like a sweetheart.

I absolutely adore the name Zipporah--it is perfect for her.

What's Stass' given name?

lusi said...

Thanks for that! Stassi's given name is actually Stassi - a name that Brett had heard a number of years before we had even met and always thought that if he had a daughter he would love her to be named Stassi. We've since found out that it is short for Anastassia which in Greek means 'Resurrection'.
Thanks for all the lovely comments everyone :)
Love Lus x

ffordd y drindod said...

I REALLY want to meet this little girl! Praying for you in your tiredness my friend.


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