Friday, July 24, 2009

ah that feels better :)

so that's who i am. one minute blogging seems not quite right + then the next minute, i'm doing a massive post. yep that's just me :)

sometimes i have these feelings that maybe i shouldn't be blogging - not because my hearts not in it or anything - but because i had this feeling this morning that...well i can't really explain it to be honest. i have read some stuff on some blogs recently that have gotten me thinking. that is always a good thing! i guess i just started thinking about why i blog and what i want to share.
today was a family-filled day + it was just beautiful. i had time to think + pray through some stuff.

i blog because i want to record my personal journey. i want to record our family journey in words + pictures. i want to share it with family + friends. i love writing. i love to share my faith in God + i enjoy making friends through the blogging network. i love sharing + recording the scriptures that have touched me but i may not necessarily tell you why in depth it touched me so. i do not have a perfect life + don't try to make you think i do. i am, however by nature (+ those who really know me know this is true) a half-glass-full kinda girl so i'm more likely to talk about the good stuff rather than focus on the negative. don't shoot me for that, it's just who i am. one of my fave verses is 1 thessalonians 5:16-18 'be thankful. pray continually. give thanks in all circumstances - for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus'. i really do desire to give glory to God through my life - through the highs and lows of it all. i think being 'real' about our lives helps to disable the imaginary 'perfect superwoman' stereotype. i don't want to feel that i have to think about everything i write before i hit the 'publish' button just because i wonder what others will think. i'm sure some people will at times agree with what i write. but i'm as equally sure that people will sometimes be offended by what i write/believe/live out but this is my journey! it is not my goal to offend, it is my goal to live and record what i live out. i like order. some people don't. that's ok with me. just don't think that because i like order that i'm a legalist or perfectionist or something like that. maybe i struggle at times with those things just like other people do, but having a family planner or labelled boxes in my home is not a sign of legalism. nor is it a sign of chaos if you pop into my home + there is stuff everywhere - i'm a homeschooler, i have 4 kids, i am busy. it is often messy! it is also not a sign that i'm a hypocrite (especially if you pop in + there is mess but the picture you saw once on my blog was taken on a day when there may have been less mess!) i share about the ups and downs, the challenges and joys that we experience rearing 4 amazing children. and there are plenty of those! i may share on one occassion about how well behaved the kids were and the next post might be about how difficult i find it to be a mum. that's just life...well my life anyway.

so if you are reading this + think 'where has this all come from?' i can tell you it comes from the same place that i write my '5 things i am thankful for' - it comes from my heart. i say it in love. i say it because as i posted at the top of this here: this is my personal journey. lastly, i love these kinds of times in my life, even though they are really tough, because it brings me back to thinking about what is really important. about the 'best things' vs the 'good things' + it gives me the opportunity to chat deeply with brett about things that i am passionate about. he said some really encouraging + beautiful things to me that inspired me to keep writing :)

enough said about all that.
back to your regular programming :)

so today the kids got to digging in the dirt box that Brett made them + made a big...

mud pie in one of those plastic cone thingys...

and then what more fun than patting it all down and starting again?

zip + i watching the kids + enjoying the much warmer weather (lovely for a winter day!)...

some 'totem tennis' ahem (the correct name - thanks sumi lol :) )...

when i saw this i had to photograph it because it reminded me so much of my own childhood...making mud pies...
+ muddy hands; just part of the fun of being a kid - experiementing, creating, squishing + giggling...

other random stuff:
i got these great plastic dividers for like 3 bucks not long back from Ikea. Not sure of the name of them but they are a perfect fit for the sewing drawer bits and pieces...
and whilst the drawer is nicely organised, there is no room to actually use any of the stuff since the sewing table looks like this....

anyhooo... this is sitting on the sofa waiting for me - some nice fabrics i've gotten this week; some from the op shop + some from spotlight along with some boning to make a nursing cover...

speaking of sewing, here is the cute stuffed cat Stass has been working on recently. other than me sewing around the ears and stuffing the head, she's done all the rest...
a little close up of the face - the first time she's done any hand stitching at all. so proud of my little chookie girl :) (the big chocolate thumb print in the middle of the cat's forehead may or may not be from me after helping Stass as I was half way through eating a chocolate mini

i am not ashamed to share this with you because it is a direct answer to prayer. today i took the 4 kids grocery shopping. they were incredible. i was so encouraged by their willingness to help, listen + obey at (almost!) all times. it was a joy to be with them + i told them that. well i was almost done when a woman approached me and said, 'what is your secret? how do you get them to be so well behaved?' i was a little speechless and probably looked a little shocked. she had tears forming in her eyes and she then said, 'i have a 19 year old, a 16 year old and now a 3 year old and i could never get them to be like that. you should be commended'. she rubbed me on the arm. i assured her that it wasn't always like that but since i'd been feeling quite down myself just this morning, i thanked her for bothering to stop to encourage me + had tears in my own eyes and couldn't really respond with much more than that. anyway, i felt God reassuring me that He is working in their hearts (and ours too) and that with Him by my side, nothing is impossible. it's not always like this when we go out but i was thankful for the experience today and am seeing that these kinds of days are occuring more and more often.
brett was at the dr's while i was shopping + he got the all clear from the cellulitis - praise God for his healing! thanks to all of you who prayed - we both really appreciate it!
after we came home from shopping, i fed Zippi up, Brett unpacked the shopping + then we decided on a whim to drive down to Dee Why (which is about a 2 hour drive from here) to have fish + chips by the beach. Just the drive on its own was wonderful for us. while the kids watched a movie, brett + i talked + talked playing our 'your question' game that we always play. it was wonderful. i so needed that tonight (thanks honey! lub you)
here are some snaps before i jet to bed of our beautiful night by the sea...

5 things i am thankful for today:
1. clarity in my mind again. thanks to the sof who prayed for me today too :)
2. our little family night excursion to the beach for fish + chips! marvelling at our amazing Creator God together + Stass saying that she will 'remember this night forever + tell my kids all about it'
3. brett being my confidante and best mate :)
4. Zippi being 'on the move'!
5. our grocery trip today
Love ,


HomeGrownKids said...

Great post! It's always good when we clarify WHY we do what we do. It's a bit like a blogging mission statement eh? But it keeps us in good stead, especially if anything controversial ever comes up in bloggy land.

Rejoicing with you wrt your dh's cellulitis.


Mel said...

Hey Beautiful! Loved reading this...It's important to understand why we do things, isn't it? That's partly why I've backed away from a few things lately...I got honest & realised I was doing them for my ego, not for love of doing them.
Great to read the part about the lady commenting on your kids being so well's nice to have that acknowledged by a stranger.
love you lots

Kaz said...

Ive been asking myself this same question of late. I dont have any followers, I just do it for me. Most people 'poo poo' me for doing it - they dont get it.

Love the shopping comment - put a tear in my eye too. Good for you Lusi. We should all be reassured like that more often.

How lovely are your night shots.

Hope to catch up soon.

Much love
Kaz :)

Tara said...

I had a nice experience at the shops today. The kids were awesomely behaved...

But back at the car, a lovely lady stopped on her way into the shop and asked if she could take my trolley. It was so helpful as I hate leaving the kids in the car to return the trolley!

Am so looking forward to finishing the ED so we can have mini excursions involving food I don't have to prepare. hee hee

Nat said...

Praise God that you had such a great time at the shops with the kids - and that God rewarded you with that little encouragement too. I too went shopping with my two this week (and that is enough for me thankyou very much!) and they were mostly well-behaved too, so I didn't end up leaving the shopping centre in tears, yay!

I'm glad that you got clarity about why you blog, I would miss so much of your life if you didn't. I just love the encouragement that I get from your blog, and that its freqently updated too. You bless me each day hun!

Saying a prayer of thankfulness for Brett's healing too, that's great news!

Your night- trip to the beach looked great - we must do some more little adventures like that too - might have to plan something for next weekend for the Mardon clan. Fish and chips on the beach sounds good!!

Love you hun, will call again soon, there's something I forgot to ask about when we chatted last.

Love and hugs xx

Nat said...

Oh... and YAY Stass, that little cat looks fabulous - well done honey!! Lus, I giggled out loud when I saw the chocie thumb-print - love it!

Cass said...

Lus, I always read your blog. It encourages me as a wife, mother and child of God. You often remind me that there is a big difference between being perfect in the eyes of the world and perfect in the eyes of God. And I know which one I want to be.
Thank you dear sister for your encouragement. May God continue to bless you and your beautiful family.

Anthea said...


Great post. I blog for many of the same reasons, but the main ones for me are to record our lives and share it with family and friends. Unfortuantly, I am not sure if most of the family I do it for even look at it, but at least they can't say I don't show them our lives.

I also wanted to say, my dd was sitting on my lap as I was reading your post, she got very excited when she saw Zipporah and Stassi's cat - and I mean really excited. lol

take care


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