Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day... all my friends who have inspired me and encouraged me, supported and prayed for me, loved and challenged me...
I take my callings as wife and mother to be of the highest importance in my life next to my relationship with my God through Christ Jesus.
Because being a mum is so important to me, I take this role seriously and nothing really compares to it.
The inexplicable joys, the incomparable challenges, the amazing peace far outweigh the times of despair and difficulties. And believe me, there are a whole heap of them!
I adore being mum to my 4 beautiful gifts from the Lord.
And they are.
They are not mine first. Not ours first.
First and foremost they are the Lord's.
And so to parent these kids I have to continually ask Him how I should do it, how I can best communicate with them, teach them, how I can most effectivley show my love to them because in showing the fullness of my love to my children, I'm hoping to reveal to them and share with them the depths of our Father's love for each one of them.
And man, some days I totally suck at being a mum.
I shame myself.
And in those times, I come back to He who renews, strengthens and forgives me. To Him who helps me soar on wings of eagles, who protects and guides me, who delights in strengthening me when I am weak to reveal His glory to the world; it is in my Lord God that I must return to and sit at His feet and wait on Him and cry out to Him. I must, in those moments, implore Him to give me divine love towards my children. I must ask Him for wisdom. I beg Him for healing over my little charges. I pray to Him to open their hearts to recieve His truth and presence every day in their lives. I pray for them what Jesus prayed for His disciples in John chapter 17; that they be sanctified by God's Word, that they be kept safe from the evil one, and that the Lord's joy may be made full in them.
I am not a perfect mother. I don't claim to be.
But I do LOVE being a mum and I absoloutely adore my beautiful children.
I am so thankful to the Lord that He gave me this awesome job.
From our house to yours....

God bless you :)
5 things I am thankful for today:
1. A very full on day today; emotionally draining but wonderful all at the same since the Lord was in the midst of it all
2. Going out with mum, dad and Dee today just hanging out and enjoying being together before Dee goes back interstate
3. Zippi falling off to sleep just now
4. Chatting for so long to Nat tonight and for all her help about how to make nappies! So thankful for that. And that she's coming to visit soon! :)
5. Brett getting the kids to make mother's day cards this morning for me and for my pressie. Thank you Lord for my beautiful Brett.
Lights out,


Carolina said...

Wow Lusi, you have such a way with words my friend! So much of that i could've written myself so thanks for putting my thoughts and that of so many others I'm sure into words.

Chrissy said...

Oh Lus, I feel the same way.... makes me so proud to be a mum and wife. Being a mumma to our kids is a blessing I never take for granted.
Hugs and love to you too sweetie on Mother's day!
Chrissy x

Leanne said...

Happy Mother's Day Lusi! Hope you had a fantastic one!!!

Rebecca Vavic said...

Sweets.... loving your post.
Totally agree with you... Motherhood can be challenging, but oh so wonderful. It's the best "job" I ever had.
Love you babes... hugs to you and yours.

Brigitte G. said...

oh my goshhh what a beautiful family you make all !! and you look sooo serene !! WEll done to you Lusi :)

Nat said...

Love you honey!! you're an amazing Mummy!!


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