Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I wouldn't have believed it possible until i saw it for myself....

a newborn baby going to the toilet herself over a toilet.
My baby.
Actually to clarify, I am holding her as she goes but still.... :)
Who would have thought?

If you are asking, 'what is Lusi talking about?' you might want to check out the info on the link: HERE AT DIAPER FREE BABY which is all about the benefits of Elimination Communication or EC.
I've seen it happen in the village in Fiji.
Mum says that women in the 1950's did this often but with a resurgence of women going back to work in the 70's there really wasn't the time to practice it.
My friend Sumi showed it to me when she stayed here one time with one of her kids who was 6 months old then. I was so shocked! I thought kids could only go to the toilet when they were like over 2! I thought it was only possible because my friend had worked at it for 6 months with her gorgeous bubba.
But today, I had a ladies Bible study here and after it finished my dear friend Sharon showed me and my other dear friend Emily how it was done.
It's based on listening to your baby's cues so that you can allow them to do what comes naturally to them. I mean, when I think about it, I don't wear a nappy to go to the toilet, I just sit and go. The only reason babies wear nappies is because we put it on them! That sounds silly I know but it is VERY natural for bubba's to just go (just like we do).
So anyway, I gave it a go with little Zip when I saw some of the signs for the first time and what do you know, she went! Without drama, she went to the toilet!
Now, I'm not saying I'll be doing it all the time or anything, but its amazing just to see a baby doing what God created her to do and see a sense of peace settle over her immediately. Amazing!
We've done this a couple of times today and she has *gone* each time.
I reckon I've saved on having to wash an extra 3 nappies today and that's a good thing too!
Like I said, who would have thought?!?

5 things I am thankful for today:

1. Ladies Bible study; having a wonderful time of fellowship, prayer and reading of the Word together in our home, having the kids here all playing together and having a time of prayer with them too
2. Having some extra hanging out, chatting and learning time with Sharon and Emily afterwards
3. Pancakes for dinner
4. Brett's first day back at work today and that he was kept safe
5. Chatting with my beautiful Christina today and emails from Mel P and Gina B :) It's so great to connect and reconnect with lovely friends

Blessings love,


ffordd y drindod said...

That's amazing Lusi. wow.

Karen Day said...

hey lusi - troy and i heard about this when we had brianna but cos i had to work every afternoon of her first year we never got to try it. then when we had liam i was just too busy to listen to cues cos brianna wasnt even two yet!

i think if u can get it to work for u then yay - less washing!!!

although when i was trying to tell my friends about it they thought i was coo-coo. haha. but i think itd be awesome to not have to toilet train a 2 year old. we are doing that now with liam and its a battle with the "number 2s". if they never learn to just go in the nappy then toilet training would never be an issue :)

are u gonna persist with it?

Leanne said...

Wow Lusi! Thanks for sharing. I think I may have to look into this. It is so nice at the moment not having to be concerned about toilet traing toddlers or dealing with nappies. With 7 wks to go I know I will soon be starting all over again! Lol! Thanks again.

Diane said...

I believe it! I did it myself for 3 children. Worked well. I still used nappies but never had a dirty one and it helped with toilet training slightly earlier.
All the best with it.

Brigitte G. said...

Wowww amaaazing Lusi !!
so good to see you going so well !! you are made to be a mother ...of lots of children :)
for me...i'm already soo exhausted with 2 :)
Hope to catch-up my b'tful friend :)

Homeschoolmum4Christ said...

Wow - that is amazing! My son was out of daytime nappies at 12 months, and I thought that was pretty spectacular, but a baby going to the toilet is out of this world!

Sarah said...

I've heard about it but haven't tried it yet - good on you for giving it a go. Even 1 less nappy is a good thing! :D

Sumara said...

Well, I would've thought! lol.
Yay for you and Zip!

Like you say, it really is just sensible and natural. Our bubs tell us right from birth when they're hungry, when they're tired, when they need snuggling... of course they can also tell us when they need to "eliminate". We just mostly got out of the habit of paying attention.

At the moment I'm dealing with a bigger bubba who just hates sitting on the toilet, so unless I wait until the last possible second, he will just scream at me when I sit him down. But waiting till the last possible second is not always a good idea...

He's 13 months, though, and tells me pretty clearly now when he needs to go.

I have to have a giggle at you, though, Lus, with the number of nappies you now have it will be slightly hilarious if you hardly use them.

Pancakes for dinner! THAT, my darling, is the best idea I've heard all week.

Nat said...

Wow Lus - EC! I've heard a lot about it and have a few friends using it with success (also means no poo stains in her MCNs!)... good for you hun - are you finding it tricky when you have to give attention to the other 3 too though? I decided against it coz I just couldn't give L the attention I needed to.

rvavic said...

Hey love... that is great.
They use the same method in Africa so I am told.
It does make a lot of sense to me... see how I go at giving it a try myself {perhaps} :)
Love to you all...

mrs boo radley said...

Way to go! We've read about this, and while we don't have kids (yet), we would love to try this when we do have them. Please keep us updated on your endeavors!!

Chrissy said...

I heard and saw this many years ago too Lus when catching up with some girls I'd gone to school with. I didn't know her well enough but was *amazed* at her 6 month old! I was in the middle of trying to conceive and it fascinated me but wasn't s'thing that I took on board or thought about when my littlies finally arrived, I'd forgotten all about it til this post...

Hugs to you and little Zippi darl. :)
God bless!
Chrissy x

Carolina said...

Wow... i'd love to try this but i wonder if a one yr old is too late to start? We'll see i guess :P

sam said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
sam said...

Congratulations to you Lusi and your beautiful family on the birth of Zippi, I often pop in and read your blogs, it brings much calm to me. I hadn't visited back in awhile and for some reason thought of you tonight and wondered if your beautiful girl had made her arrival. She is wonderful, such a beautiful little girl who brought a tear to my eye.. so precious. Congratulations again.. take care. Samantha x


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