Sunday, May 3, 2009

5 things to not forget about the weekend just gone...

1. Walking with all the kids on my own down to the park for the first time and really enjoying our time together Saturday afternoon. Also watching the kids do a puzzle altogether for the first time and really work on it as a team -that was so lovely - a bit of a refreshing change from the fighting!
2. Hanging out with my mum and dad on Friday; watching the kids chase my dad around the backyard, mum folding washing and watching the kids while i nipped up the street to post some things
3. Taking Zippi to church for the first time and having our church pray over us as a family, give cuddles to our girl and welcome her. An awesome message preached in church on Sunday by Ian about Jeroboam and Rehaboam and about being people of integrity in the small things - even when no one is watching! He also spoke about us not thinking that we can *fix* problems ourselves but stepping out of the way and allowing the Lord to have His perfect way
4. Going to Heiko and Lori's for lunch and enjoying fellowship together. We had yummy turkey, cranberry sauce, avocado and cheese turkish pide wraps (yum!) and the kids had an absolute blast with Brett and Heik on the big tyre swing under the trees down the back - so much fun :)
5. Getting noodle boxes for dinner on Sunday night and watching a bit of 'slam ball' as a family! Ethan especially was enthralled! The boys both offered to help cook on Friday night without being asked. They peeled potatoes and carrots for a stew. I want to remember these special times because they remind me of how they are changing and growing and becoming beautiful little men who love their mummy!
Hope your weekend was filled with fantastic adventures, some rest and great God-given moments with your loved ones.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend. Good for you Lus xx

Kaz :)


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