Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Our *Last Supper*

That's what it felt like to us anyway as we ate Thai together last night; just me and Brett once the kiddies were tucked into bed. It was so special. Brett gave thanks for our time together, perhaps our last special meal together, before bubba arrives.

5 things I am thankful for today:

1. Chatsky's with Nat, Dee, Donna and Karen D recently
2. Seeing my beautiful mother's group girls today; for their love and endless support
3. Brett's beautifully cooked glazed chicken dinner tonight
4. Time with Brett last night
5. For very relaxed homeschooling days :)

Hope all is well your way :)
Love Lus x
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Tara said...

Mmmmm, thai :)

Sumara said...

Oh my goodness, I wish I had toes that lovely when I was 38 weeks pregnant! lol. Yay you for avoiding the whole swollen whale thing. :-)

Your special Thai dinner sounds fabulous. I remember meals like that before each bub arrived (and they were always Thai too - going for the spiciest thing I could!). Very special times.

I had a dream about you the night before last. In the dream we saw you again a few days after the Saturday that you visited. And you admitted that you had tricked us, that you had actually had the baby on the Friday and just hadn't wanted to tell us about her yet. And I was all "WHAT? But I felt your belly! I'm sure there was a baby still in it! And where is she anyway?"
It was SO perplexing!

Thinking of you my darling!

Mell Mallin said...


How Uncanny!

We had take out Thai last night to for our 8th wedding anniversary!


I called and for once left a message... hope you're ok!


Anonymous said...

Oh, how nice and playing footsies afterwards.

We are off to Hartley for a camp out again this Friday, so if you feel like a drive, we will be out there from around 2pm onwards. Love to see you.

Kaz :)

mrs boo radley said...

Yum! Thai! Cute feet.

Sumara said...

Just popping in again to say hi to all of you... kisses and cuddles to Stass, Liji and Eth.... and say that I'm thinking of you.

At school today they were playing a certain "Z" song during the Easter Parade and it reminded me of you. Looking forward to meeting your beautiful Z.


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