Thursday, April 9, 2009

Hill Sliding, Thomas & 38 weeks :)

So the other day Stassi asked if she could cut up the box that the coffee table came in and use some of the flaps to go sliding down a hill at a local park....

They had a blast!Did you ever do this as a kid?
Slide down, climb back up again and then....

slide backwards down the hill!
My 38 week tummy shot...

And Aunty Rachie leant us her Thomas set (we have one but it is different. After seeing how much Liji loved playing with it at mother's group at her place last week, Rach offered for the kids to borrow it over the long weekend. And this is what Brett and the kids made with it...

They had so much fun doing this :)

More soon,

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Nat said...

You are simply stunning hun! I can't wait to hear about it when she arrives :)

Great pics of the kids grass-sliding! Yep, there was a hill in a park where I grew up that had one too! Fun times!!

The train set looks great!


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