Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Some beautiful heart words by a beautiful woman (and some stuff about bubba)...

I dropped by my friend DONNA'S BLOG today and read THIS POST TITLED 'LEARNING TO WALK THIS ROAD' which really touched me deeply because it is so my heart too. The fact that the Lord has allowed us to become friends recently is so wonderful since we both have similar hopes and aspirations in God for our families and our own lives.

Here's what Donna shared today....

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Learning to walk this road
As I write this my 8 year old is in timeout in her room, much to her chagrin and my 1 year old is playing at my feet.
The meltdown that ended in my 8 year olds timeout was a HUGE one and I would think I would be stressed BUT God is teaching me soooo much at the moment. Instead He is giving me peace and wisdom.
I thought Home Schooling was about educating my daughters, when it has being more about educating me.
I am learning that learning is an all day event, not something that you can squash into a couple of hours each morning.
I am learning that teaching our children is as much about discipling and training in Gods ways as it is about curriculum.
I am learning that God commands my husband and I to train our children in His ways, not someone else.
I am learning that each meltdown and battle is a chance for me to learn more about God and to teach my children more about God and who He made them to be.
I am learning that it is HARD WORK to be a parent and many of us are used to handing that responsibility over to others. And that now is my time to stop taking the easy way out and take back the responsibility that being a godly parent is.
I am learning that God has given us stewardship over our children but ultimately they are HIS children and one day I will have to answer to Him as to why I made the choices I did.
I am learning that parenting is not convenient and is a constant and wearying task.
I am also learning the peace that comes from being wholly in the Fathers will.
I am learning that God indeed uses me in my brokenness.
I am learning that God has made my girls so much richer and deeper than I realised.
I am learning what it means to parent God's way, not the worlds or the 'popular' way of society is.
I am learning to rely on God like never before and that I really cannot do a thing without him BUT everything thru Him who gives me strength.
I am learning the unity that comes for my husband and myself as we choose exactly what comes in and out of our children's lives.
I am learning to love even when it is difficult.
I am learning to not second guess every decision I make as a parent but to KNOW we are following Gods way and that He will show us what to do.
I am learning that just because something is HARD does not mean it is not God's way, in fact it more often than not is an indication that you are going the RIGHT way.
I am learning how to stand firm in my convictions.
I am learning to treasure each moment with my little ones and just how precious they are.
I am learning to have childlike fun.
I am learning to enjoy simple things.
I am learning to interact more with my children.
I am learning more than I can write or put into words.
Each day is full on but I am rejoicing that God has called us to this task and that he is expecting so very much of us. I am enjoying the refining even though it is hard hard hard.
I am so very thankful that He has called us Home school and that He is molding, changing and shaping us all. That He is making us more like Him and to know Him deeper and purer.
Yes , this road is long, hard and wearying, but I wouldn't have it any other way. If this is the road He has chosen for us, I will walk it with Him.

Luv singingmama

Thanks Donna, that was so beautiful, so raw, so real. He does use us during our brokeness, He does want us to rely fully on Him and be in His perfect will and parenting is a constant and wearying task. Yet, He gives us His strength, He helps us to endure whatever it is that He has called us to and it is all about refining.

I hope you have also been blessed by these words and know that no matter what you are going through right now (even if its *just* a bad day like i had yesterday!) God is bigger than any of our circumstances and He will bring us through. I am so thankful He is my deliverer and conquering King :)
Here's my pregnancy photo taken this arvo at 34 weeks :) I love this new cardi i picked up this arvo - thanks Aunty Kerrie for letting me take it off that mannequin (poor thing looked cold!) lol :) at the op shop :) It was lovely to see you again!

And here's a front on shot that I took since I wasn't sure if the other one on the timer would be too dark.

I'm really enjoying getting the last bits and pieces ready for bubba. We got the cot mattress on the weekend and the baby capsule is coming in the next week i think. Almost all the clothing is washed, folded and ready to go! The kids keep asking 'how many days'? giggle giggle :)

I so love being pregnant and love that they are old enough to really enjoy it and appreciate it now.

Here are some things that I don't want to forget about how the kids have loved this pregnancy:

Every single night they kiss, cuddle and hi-5 us and every night they have to do the same to the baby! It's such a cute sight.

Each and EVERY morning they come into the bedroom and after saying good morning to us (often they sing/shout: ' it's time to get up it's time to praise the Lord!!!!') lol they ask to *see* her which means me lifting up my top to show them my bare belly! Then they all put their hands over their mouths and yell, 'HOW BIG IS SHE???!!!!!' They are just gorgeous with it all!

They often hold things up for her to *see* through my stomach!

I've been thinking hearing lots and lots of stories about people getting a boy when the ultrasound said a girl and that obviously wouldn't phase us at all - we are thankful for each baby and consider it a blessing from the Lord to carry a child - however, after referring to bub as 'her' the whole time, we have just mentioned to the kids (Elijah especially!) that God could still choose to give us a boy! That's always an interesting conversation :)

When we are out shopping, the kids often ask if we can buy 'it' for *her* :)

And when we are sitting at the table altogether eating dinner, the kids mention where she'll sit.

So sweet - they can not wait! Nor can we :)

Love and blessings,

Lus x


Gayle said...

hehehe..I have that jumper! Did you get yours from Rockmans?

Gayle said...

just re-read your post...its an opshop jumper ??

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the latest posts Lusi. I am now working full time in the prep area with a little lad that had been on my heart. challenging days as I balance his needs with the expectations. But it is my passion and although I am exhausted, I know I am where I am supposed to be. Loving your baby bump, Love GG

Siany said...

hi lusi!
youre looking absolutely beautiful and it sounds like you and your family are so excited to meet the new little one! sending lots of hugs and belly rubs
xx Siany

lusi said...

Hi Sian! Thanks mate :)
Love to you GG and Gayle it was an op shop buy - noice! :)
Thanks for stopping by all!
L x

singing mama said...

Hey Lusi,
How beautiful are your children! How precious that they are already so involved in their sisters life.
It is amazing how much joy is given to the children thru a new sibling!!
Luv Donna

singing mama said...

Hey lovely Lusi,
just checking we are still on for the park in blackheath tomorrow before israeli dancing? I was thinking of getting there between 1030 and 11 so the kids could have a good day and bringing a picnic lunch.
I'll message or call you once I get the girls in bed.
Luv Donna

Christine said...

you look beautiful, Lus :)

Sumara said...

Aaw look at you, and your precious kids. So exciting.

*cuddles for you all*


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