Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Homeschooling has looked a little like this recently...

Construction of towns using some new blocks that we picked up from the op-shop last week (thanks for suggesting those Aunty Kerrie - the kids love them!)...

While the kids have been having 'silent resting/reading time' in the afternoon I painted some frames we picked up from Ikea. I was going to buy black ones but they were much more expensive - the small 3 pack of raw frames were only $1.95! Bargain These are going to be for a little photo collage near bubby's cot...

More reading of Heidi. I love that when we started this, it was quite a slog and now three months later, the kids are BEGGING to have chapters read to them ...
Making pancakes together for morning tea. Stass was at the helm with the reading of the recipe while i supervised the boys' gathering of ingredients, turn taking (occasional squabble!) and then Stass read out the method and each child took a turn at measuring and mixing...

and decorating!

and eating!

and really enjoying a delish morning tea together!

I picked up a big bag of these connectors from the op shop for $3 the other day. We already had some but this lot had wheels and things too and the kids have enjoyed playing with them so much!

Today Stass has been using the pancake making as the basis for her reflective writing exercise. I drew up a bit of a plan a few weeks ago that seems to help with her planning for her reflective/creative writing exercises. I just have to print off some more to have in her folder.
The boys made a 'concert' and Ethi *performed* the 'Voice of Truth' song with singing and drumming. They then engaged in about an hour of imaginary play about being puppy dogs bought from the shop so we made sandwhiches in the shape of dog bones today for lunch! And each *doggy* got a little *treat* when they pretended to sit/heel, etc and they thought that was fabulous fun!

We will be visiting the library later to return books and borrow some new ones. I love popping one or two into my basket when we go out; whether to a cafe, on a picnic (like after our Ikea adventure the other day) or to appointments and the kids just love piling ontop of me to hear the stories read aloud. This brings us all a great amount of joy and I can't believe how much their attention spans have grown!

Lastly, a little sneak peek of my first attempt at sewing up a baby blanket using the Ikea Fabler fabric I mentioned the other day :) I'm not using a pattern but have watched/read some tutes and chatted with my darling Rachie for some advice! Will see how it all turns out!

The other fantastic thing is that I've begun a Bible/discussion study group with 2 other homeschooling mums; Ali and Emma and we are making our way through Sally Clarkson's book 'Season's of a Mother's Heart'. It is really challenging me so much but is as equally encouraging! Not to mention how much my heart has craved this kind of intimate fellowship with some *sisters* recently and how the Lord has really answered this deep desire. I am so thankful!

10 things I am thankful for today:
1. Enjoying singing and worshipping with Stass this morning
2. Seeing Liji's garden drawing yesterday - we couldn't believe that he had drawn it; it was stunning and we will be framing it :) He is growing and changing right before our eyes - glory to God!
3. The Lord's peace and rest
4. Getting the baby capsule from Kaz and Simon D :) Love these guys and it was so lovely to catch up with them recently. They are generous and loving friends.
5. *Accidently* bumping into Aunty Kerrie yesterday at St George (i say *accidently* b/c I believe that the Lord orders these things!) and being able to chat and hug and encourage each other. Love to you Aunty Kerrie!
6. Ali so generously giving the Seasons of a Mother's Heart book to me! What an incredible blessing she is :)
7. The kids all being in great health :) Praise God!
8. Not one ounce of pain in that tooth any more :)
9. Chatting and planning with Brett about the upcoming Feasts
10. My lovely blogging friends who take the time to encourage me - thanks especially to Jayne for her incredible offer :) And thanks to you all for popping by and visiting. May the Lord bless you all!
Love Lus x


singing mama said...

Hey lovely Lusi,
its looks like youve had some great and some not so great moments this week! You so look like you have settled so well into HS!!!
Are we still picnicing at blackheath tomorrow? Will call in the morn :)
Luv Donna

I am... said...

aww lus your kids are too cute.
those pancakes look pretty delicious!!!!
by the sounds of things your kids are having the best childhood, the imagery of you all crowded round, reading books, and them WANTING you to read books is just so beautiful.
not like most familys who plonk the kids in front of a dvd while they go sit on the computer, or whatnot.
someday when i have kids, i hope we do the same sort of family things too :)
hope your all well there in your part of the world.
take care hun.

Carolina said...

OMG!!! Where have i been? Did i even know you were ' with child'? Let alone 35weeks along? Wow, congrats :)


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