Sunday, March 29, 2009

Am still here! :)

Hey all :)

Hope you had a lovely restful weekend.
I'm still here but am in some pain with a pinched sciatic (sp?) nerve that is coming and going and being quite annoying. Would so appreciate your prayers if the Lord puts it on your heart. Thanks!
We went to Sydney on the weekend to watch Brett play State League against Glebe which was a great big fun family trip. Brett was made MVP (most valuable player) for the match and it was one of his highest scoring games. So proud of you chop!
We also enjoyed great fellowship yesterday after church with two sets of our great friends and watched Fireproof again last night with Lori and Heiko.
We have almost fully planned what we are doing for Passover this year which is great.
My hospital bag is now packed!
Still pleading the blood of Jesus over little Stellan and the 'Mck' Family.
Picked up a gorgeous gliding rocking chair over the weekend we bought from ebay for a really good price. Am so looking forward to nursing this little bubba. The boys tried it out yesterday each taking a turn to sit across my lap as i read their fave story to them.
Am joining the ABA today while Brett schools the kids on his RDO :) Stassi is designing our Passover costumes and we will sew them up later on.
Am contemplating making my own MCN's with snaps.
My laptop battery is going to die now so I will leave it there.
Love to all and more soon,
Lus x


Christine said...

Hi Lus,

Glad to hear from this late stage your absence from cyberspace could always mean baby's on the way :)

You mentioned that you are 'still pleading the blood' for little baby Stellen. This is a concept I just don't know much about. Can you explain to me what this actually means?



lusi said...

Hi Christine,

Lots of Braxton Hicks contractions but yep still here!

In regards to the phrase 'pleading the blood of Jesus' this link explains it well with the illustration of the courtroom:
It goes on to say,
'Although we were not physically there when Jesus died, His shed blood bears witness to the fact that He died, rose again and defeated the powers of darkness' (Colossians 2: 15).
Salvation for the Israelites before the Exodus came through the covering of the blood over the door posts of the house. Salvation for us comes from understanding that Jesus' blood was shed for the remission of our sins.
1 John 2:1 tells us that Jesus speaks to the Father in our defense and I believe that we can only pray and fervently ask the Lord for things (in accordance with his will) because of the precious blood that He shed at Calvary for us. And that is why I plead the blood of Jesus.
Hope that helps :)
Lusi x

Christine said...

Thanks for explaining that. What then do you expect to transpire when you pray the blood of Jesus in this way? I mean, what does Jesus' blood actually do in this situation, if you plead for it to be there?



lusi said...

You're welcome.
It's probably something that you need to ask the Lord to show you if it's something that you are genuinely interested in. Philipians 2:12 says to 'work out our own salvation with fear and trembling' and whenever I read something or hear something that I am unsure about (in terms of a meaning) I ask the Lord what it is He wants to show me if anything at all. Otherwise, i just let it go.
Again, I hope that helps.
God bless,
Lusi x

Jasmine said...

Praying any pain and discomfort eases for you Lus so you are able to prepare everything you need to. Not long now!!! How exciting :)

Jas xx

lusi said...

Thanks Jas so much - really appreciate your prayers mate :)
Hope you are well!
Love Lus x


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