Thursday, March 26, 2009

He makes me lie down in green pastures...

He leads me beside still waters,
He restores my soul.

Today I have been led by still waters, lying down in green pastures and having my soul restored.
I am feeling quite weak and very lethargic for what seems like no reason at all. Yet I have been so blessed.
Let me share with you the things that have happened in the past 24 hours that I believe God has used to help restore my soul. I'll make these things in bold type.

Mum and dad came up yesterday to watch the kiddos as I had my 36week appointment with the ob at the clinic for the vaginal swab - not something i really wanted the kids there for by choice. So mum and dad came up and *schooled* the kids. They seriously are such a blessing. They run with the *plan* for the day (albeit a loose one!), they celebrate the kids' achievements with their learning and read to them often. They comply completely with the diet and I can leave all three kids knowing that they are in the very best of hands. They love it when the kids show them what they have been working on too like Stassi's diorama, Elijah's drawings and Ethi's sporting prowess! While at the appointment I was told that my latest platelet count was 375!!! (Normal is between 150 and 450.) Praise God for that!

I was feeling very well yesterday and we actually got a great deal of things done.

Brett has been having some dramas at work and while mum and I waited for him to finish to pick him up at the depot, dad had a ball playing with the kids in the backyard! Mum and I sat outside the little corner store and ate icecreams while we waited! Then they let Brett and I go together to do the shopping while they stayed with the kids. That was a lovely chance for us to spend some special time together too.

Mum and dad cooked almost all of last night's dinner; yummy 'failsafe' meal of glazed pears, coated saffron chicken and rice. Delish!

I read another chapter of the new Corrie Ten Boom read-a-loud book to the kids before a big prayer session with all of us taking turns in praying aloud.

Once the kids were in bed, we sat around eating platters of cheeses. marinated olives and semi dried tomatoes, my fave roasted capscicum, cashew and parmesan dip with crackers while we watched the Kirk Cameron/Kendrick brothers 'Fireproof' movie. We all cried (again) and
rejoiced in the way that Jesus can and does change lives, marriages and eternal futures.

When I awoke this morning, I just felt really ill and was in a fair bit of pain in my back. That didn't last all day (thank you Lord!) but it was painful enough to ask mum if I could have a Radox soak in the bath while she got brekky for the kids. She of course said it would be no probs and fixed hot bowlfuls of porridge for the kids. I was able to soak in the bath. I must make a VERY special mention of thanks here to one of my blog readers, Jayne Smith, who upon reading that I was searching for a bath tray a couple of weeks ago, promptly emailed me and offered to send me hers. A gorgeous wooden bath tray arrived yesterday and I am ever so grateful to you Jayne for your exceeding kindess. My thoughts and prayers are with you right now as you endure a difficult time in your family. My email is temporarily down but I am praying mate. Anyway, thank you so much Jayne for your kindess!

Mum and dad were going to head off this morning but when they could see i wasn't myself, they offered to stay until Brett got home. Once again, they *schooled* the kids. By that, I mean mum supervised Stassi's math-u-see lesson and Liji's too, dad watched a bushfire documentary with the boys that talked about aronists, dry storms and the role of the fire brigade. They were captivated and enjoyed discussing it with dad. He read library books aloud to them. Mum worked on Stassi's keyboard theory lesson after giving her another practical lesson yesterday. Stassi worked on her 'spelling' list from her creative writing exercises. Mum fixed 'safe' morning teas and lunches for the kids and then I walked her through making my safe version of minestrone soup which is now cooked and ready to serve for dinner tonight. All of this happened while I slept almost all morning.

After dad had gone and picked up Brett from the depot to save me driving, they went home.

All of these things have given me such a rest today; one that I really needed even though I didn't realise it! We have 3 weeks and 4 days to go (roughly!) and I have been so spoilt today with glorious rest and lavish love. I document this in detail because I don't want to forget these days of how the Lord has used my parents to bring me the restoration He knew I needed.

5 things i am thankful to the Lord for today:

1. Catching up with Kaz the other night :) Thanks mate!
2. Of course - this rest today!
3. Brett's job
4. Seeing the kids love of learning continuing to develop
5. Having Liji offer his hand to me to help me get out of the bath.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my lovely friend MELL MALLIN! :) Hope your day was spesh honey!
Love Lus x


Anonymous said...

Sounds like the babe has moved into a different position, with your back ache. Glad your parents were around to help out. Remember anytime you need a hand, Im just a phone call away and just around the corner (or two).

Love catching up with you too.

Kaz :)

Sumara said...

Gosh Lus, with back pain and a weak tummy, you might not even have those few weeks...

I hope you're having an early night and a good rest tonight.

Thinking of you, lovely.

Sumara said...

Oh and I forgot to say, how awesome is your mum?! And your dad! YAY for them!

Anthea said...

Glad your mum and dad are there to help out - sounds like you needed a good rest. I imagine it wont be long before your new little girl is here and I am sure she will be just beautiful!

miss~nance said...

Love you Lus......

How wonderful it must be for you to have such supportive and caring paretns.

Much love


Julie-Anne said...

Hi Lusi,

You recently left a comment on my blog and I wanted to thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words. God is so faithful and I feel Him restoring me in hope and faith and in body. I pray your birth is as gentle as can be and that the strength of the Lord will be with you! I was so thrilled to read of how your family is supporting you and helping you. I have had more help lately as well and I know the Lord is meeting me and my needs. He is so faithful. Bye for now! :)


singing mama said...

Oh Lusi, how wonderful that you were able to have a time of refreshing! What a blessing your parents are!!!

We missed you at dancing this week!! Maybe if your up to it we can catch up this friday?

Praying for you and your fam!

Luv Donna


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