Tuesday, February 24, 2009

So much to share part 3! Our first Homeschooling Excursion!

Last week, we headed out for our very first excursion - we went to the Museum of Fire and had a fantastic time! The kids (and I!) learnt so much and they were incredible; I was so thankful with how well they behaved and how interested they were at everything there. Brett and I prayed that morning that the kids would really listen and be obedient and God really answered that prayer. I really enjoyed being with them so much and even had another mum comment to me about how beautiful they were and that they were a credit to us! I almost did a double take to ask, 'who me? my kids?!' I was just so proud of them and I see already that there are many fruits clearly evident from the work the Lord is doing in our family and am so thankful to Him. That's of course not to say that there are no fights or disagreements or troubles....of course there are and they are being dealt with moment to moment but I'm just so thankful that I can say that at 30 weeks pregnant, I was able to take our three kids on their first excursion, by myself, and that it was totally enjoyable!
More to come (still!)
Lus x
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