Thursday, January 8, 2009

More holiday happenings...

Top left: Liji enjoying a plate of safe nachos. I tried corn chips without chemicals (as it was listed as a moderate in RPA's Friendly Food book - it SO IS NOT!) and we had 5 days of a very distressed boy emotionally and physically (rashes, ticks, lots of anger). SO we decided we will not have corn chips again for the kids (been about 12 months since they ate them last) and made pappadums instead for the bean/mince mix to sit on. SO much better! Praise God! Soy yoghurt on the top and you have one very happy boy :)

Top middle photo: the kids opening up Aunty Anth's package from Wales. Thanks mate! She sent them stickers and a postcard addressed to each of them individually which of course they were tickled pink with :) I hope your time away was wonderful mate. I keep missing you on Skype. So if you are reading this please know we are thinking of you and sending our love to you!

Top right: My brand new sewing machine! This is my goal for the year - to learn how to sew :) Just basic stuff but I want to learn and so does Stass. I have taught her how to thread the bobbin for the first time and i made a little handbag for her teddy which she thought was great (it was just to practice hemming!) lol :)

Other shots:
* The boys enjoying safe milkshake iceblocks that we made
* Fun times riding around the backyard and fanging it down the hill!
* Sand pit play
* Beautiful photos Rachie bought round for me on New Year's Eve.

Lus x

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ffordd y drindod said...

Great blog. You have been busy! Love you.


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