Thursday, January 8, 2009

Just at home enjoying our time together...

Making banana cake (yummo) from the yummy bananas Kaz brought around for me to use up - thanks for my turned out really well... delish!!!!!!! Let me know if anyone wants the safe recipe for it and i will post it up.
We also made waffles & pancakes for brekky on other days :)
The photo on the bottom left is Stassi getting her VERY first homeschooling package in the mail! So exciting! All of her books are now here and we will be aiming to begin, God willing, on Monday coming. We have been enjoying 'doing homeschool' even when the kids haven't realised that we are already doing it! I LOVE THIS!!!!!
The photo in the middle on the left is Brett taking a whole trailer load to the tip. We also took 2 van fulls to the Salvo's - there has been so much culled from our house and that makes me very happy! Living lighter and more simply is what 2009 is all about for us as a fam.
Lus x

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