Thursday, January 29, 2009

Miracles Happen...

Really, a most inspiring post today from one of my favourite blogs: HERE

The blog is called MY CHARMING KIDS which my lovely friend Christina linked me to recently. Thanks matey!

In light of that I thought I would record some of the miracles in our life thanks to the amazing hand of our Almighty and Beautiful God:

1. Great progress in Elijah which we desperately hoped and prayed for but wondered if we would ever see. Even in this past week we have seen God answer our cries for help and He has. Thanks to my SOF sisters and Lori, Christina and Ali for their prayers.

2. Being in this fab house for over 5 years and only having the rent raised $25 in all that time. We are so thankful for that!

3. Being able to be a well organised (mostly!) family which is a real miracle considering I hadn't cooked a single meal, programmed any routines or made the bed even when we first got married! Believe me when I say Brett thinks it is miraculous!!!!! :)

4. That we are having baby number 4 when we were intially told it would be akin to the end of the world for the baby itself and for my own life. Praise God His ways are higher than that and that my platelets have continued to remain high!

5. One of the biggest miracles we've experienced lately is that our kids are actually playing TOGETHER. Yes, there are still sometimes raised voices, fighting over who had that toy first, etc but even this morning then have been playing TOGETHER for over an hour in an imaginary game involving babies, kittens, parties, hospital visits and phone calls. It is amazing and a true blessing to sit here and listen to them when we (again) had desperately prayed for this. I am so glad for these miraculous times and cling onto the hope that they will continue to increase and increase in number. They really all are little miracles and I am honoured to be their mummy.

If you feel to record some of the little and big miracles in your life on your blog, can you please link me to it in the comments section so i can read your shares too? Thanks!

Have a blessed day regardless of the circumstances,
Lus x

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