Tuesday, December 2, 2008


It's our 8th wedding anniversary today!
Happy anniversary honey :)
On our way home from Kiama we took a detour past the church where we had our photos taken and got the kids out and took some photos with them too. We haven't been there in 8 years so it was a special time for us.
Who would have thought 8 years ago when we stood in front of that gorgeous sandstone church that we would have (almost!) 4 children, been through some very shaky times in our marriage, in our personal lives and in the life of our family? We didn't know at that time what ITP (the autoimmune blood disease i later got) was, nor what autism meant. I had not yet finished my uni degree, we had no idea what it would be like to live together as man and wife nor had we experienced the joy and miracle of parenthood.
So much has happened and the Lord has been there through it all for us!
Honey, you are the one that I am so blessed to get to see the morning begin with, you make me smile and crack up laughing when i am feeling down in the dumps, you pray for me when I need divine help, you hold my hair back when i vomit and rub my back. You tell me you love me, you show me you love me in countless ways and I love having you as my best friend.
Through all of it mate, you are there by my side holding my hand and reassuring me that the Lord will always be here with us to.
"A strand of three cords is not easily broken" Ecclesiastes 4:12
Me, You and God.
Love you Brett with everything I am.
Your Lus x


Lis said...

Happy anniversary :)

Diane said...


Gayle Smith said...

sniff sniff...you have the nack to make me cry Lusi! Congrats on your wedding anniversary. And praise God that he got you through those trials and will continue to.

Siany said...

Happy Anniversary!! Youre all looking so happy and healthy and your belly looks so lovely Lus!!

Kaz said...

I forgot to say Happy Anniversary today when I saw you.

I got to have a brief chat with your Mum and was pleased to hear that all turned out ok

Much Luv
Kaz :)

Karen L said...

Congratulations to you and Brett Lusi, may you have many many more wonderful years together. Happy Birthday to Ethan too - I am sure he is having a great day too.

Sumara said...

Hugs and kisses all around!

Love you guys. Hope we see you soon.
xoxoxo Sumi.

rvavic said...

Happy Anniversary to you two beautiful souls.

miss~nance said...

Congratulation on your anniversary Lusi & Brett.

lusi said...

happy anniversary to you to my dearest thanks for everything you've done and continue to do thanks for being my other support post with GOD as our crossbar as we continue on our journey through this amazing life together

love you more than you think i do
always your man Brett xxxxxxxxx


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