Tuesday, December 23, 2008

24.12.08 Chicken Schnitzel

As promised I will share our chicken schnitzel recipe but again i warn you that it is not a very healthy option! It has less chemicals in it than a McDonald's meal or something like that but it is one we only have as a treat.


1kg chicken tenderloins
2 big bags of Coles Smart Buy Potato Chips (in this brand there is only potato, vegetable oil & salt): crushed up into small pieces (the kids will probably enjoy helping with that bit!)
5 eggs
minced garlic (or a couple of garlic cloves crushed)
plain flour


1. Set yourself up three bowls for dipping your chicken in.
One will have the flour, one will have the cracked eggs mixed with the garlic and the other will have the chips all crushed into small pieces
2. Dip the chicken into the flour first, then the egg/garlic mixture and finally into the chips
3. Shallow fry in some canola oil (we do ours in the frying pan or the wok) and turn with tongs

Serve with safe salad (iceberg lettuce, beetroot, carrot, boiled eggs, snow peas/beans) or Chunky Fries (we get the You'll love Coles brand which are a great safe option).

Our kids really love this meal and any left overs they enjoy for lunch the next day on sandwhiches.

L x


Gail said...

loving your baby count down as it's the same as Jess. The Lord has me struggling today but I shall seek peace in Him. Thanks for our chat. Love Gail

Victoria B said...

Hi Lusi,

Love reading your blog. I have a number of foods that i can't eat (the main ones being gluten, wheat, cheese and tomato) and have found that Woolworths own brand potato wedges are great as well. No chemicals or gluten, just potato (and taste okay as well!)

Hope you are all well,
Vicoria x

Mel said...

Hey Gorgeous! Looks yummy! Love your new look bedroom,too. Hope all is well with you guys!!


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