Monday, December 22, 2008

23.12.08 bedroom

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i wanted to document what our bedroom looks like BEFORE the cot goes in over the next few days.
I got the bird cage and bird (removeable stickers) for $10 which i love!
The black & white boxes are collapsable and from Go LO. They are great storage solutions at $12 each and they will sit under the cot if there is enough room. They are already housing some of our princesses clothes :)
We had a mirror like the one here in our room when we stayed at the B&B in NZ this year. Brett said he would love one in our room but only if it was white/cream. The next day I was in the op shop and there was one - cream in colour! God certainly knows the desires of our hearts :)
I know its just a physical thing but it is lovely for us to have a little sanctuary to retreat to at night.
We both love our bedroom :)
Ok so maybe there will be more posts before the year is out after all! lol!!!
Lus x


Christine said...

Wow! Your room looks beautiful! You certainly have a knack for design, Lus. I remember this room when it was your scrapping room, and Brett saying "It's got a pretty great ensuite for a work room!"

It's been lovely to drop by and see how you are going :)



Jasmine said...

Your room is beautiful Lusi. I love that mirror!

Looks like you and your fam had a lovely weekend. Your kids will have such great memories when they've grown up. I still remember my parents taking us to the beach all the time through summer (even though we lived way out west lol)and for bushwalks up in the blue mountains.

Have a lovely "rest of 2008" and will catch you in 2009.

Love Jas xx

Sumara said...

Gosh. I want a bedroom like that. Our bedroom is a complete disaster zone.

It does have a cot and sewing cabinet and all the boy's clothes etc, but that's not really much of an excuse because most of the mess is other junk.

Blah blah.

All those photos in your last post are gorgeous Lus. I particularly love the one of Stass in front of the blue cabin wall. She looks gorgeous.

You guys are going to have such an awesome year in 2009. It's going to be a hard one but a wonderful one, yeah? I'm so excited for you all.

Love you much.
xo Sum.

Zarna said...

I love love love those mirrors!!! I saw a big timber one for about $200 once but couldn't justify it so good work on finding an op shop bargain! Our op-shops are so boring here... I actually saw a shirt that was the same as one I owned in year 9 in their window the other day... It could have even been mine for how often they rotate their stock lol

Mel Goodsell said...

Gosh I love your room, thanks for sharing Lusi. The black and white is stunning and I really like the birdcage and mirror. Such a beautiful room.

Cee said...

Just popped in from Mel's blog Lusi. You have a lovely room. Probably just as beautiful with a bub in it.

You have a lovely blog Lusi. I enjoyed the music - refreshing and it's lovely to see another Christian blog with Mum's passionate about their children.

I'm so interested in homeschooling and will do it if I need to. My eldest has just started school however and is absolutely loving it. So she can stay while her needs are met there.

God bless


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