Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I found this fantastic website last night and although I haven't been through it all in great detail I thought it was worth mentioning! It's called HOMESCHOOL CURRICULUM FOR LIFE. There is a lot of encouraging information on there for Christian women in general - not just homeschooling mums! Like the section on the Titus 2 mandate HERE with links about loving our hubby HERE and loving our kids HERE.
I signed up for some weekly encouragement emails from there and I also purchased an ebook for planning and organising but am yet to learn how to type over/alter text in Adobe. I thought I could just import it all into a word document but it doesn't seem to work when I do that. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

I had some great news yesterday! I had been put into a high-risk clinic for my prenatal care and they had to decide whether or not I could labour up here at my local hospital or whether i would be deemed too much of a high risk. The thing about this hospital is that the midwives are amazing - they still know me by name, I get a hug everytime I go in there for an appointment and always feel so loved! There are also a number of Christian midwives there who have delivered our children and who are still there now! But they are only allowed to have women labour here who pose little to no risk and with the blood disease history along with my lack of spleen (even though God has given me a new small one!) they initially said it looked like I would have to go to the bigger hospital which is an hour away. The other problem with that is that my labours have always been short (praise God!) From the very start to holding bub in my hands Stassi was 4 hours, Elijah was 2.5 hours, Ethan was 1.5 hours. See a pattern there???!!!! lol! :) I wondered if we would make it to the hospital with this little princess if we had to travel an hour away!!! We had considered a homebirth but when we prayed we felt that the Lord was leading us to be in hospital so we could access blood/platelet stores if we needed to.

SO.....basically the outcome is that because my platelets have been so high for 3 year (yesterday was 365! Cherie will know that means its good!!!Again - Praise God!!!) and IF THEY STAY THAT WAY, then I will be able to labour here! I will also be able to have my prenatal clinics here (except not my midwives but seen by the Obstetrician each time which is fine by us!) and I don't even have to attend clinics weekly! Yay!

The new maternity wing is amazing! They are all single rooms (its like being in a private hospital!) and have lovely views. We are not fearful because we know that no matter what happens (even if i have to be transferred to the other hospital) that the Lord has it all under control and is able to work out the VERY best situation for us! What peace there is in trusting in Him and not having to stress about details like that!

'Cast all your burdens unto Him because He cares for you' 1 Peter 5:7

There was a bit of a stuff up with my appointment time yesterday and I was so glad that the kids weren't there for that. My gorgeous friend Karen D came up with Isabelle and watched the kids. She said that they just doted (sp?) on her the whole time. Liji asked to hold her and then fed her the whole bottle with Karen watching on of course! Stass was making her giggle when I came home and Karen said they had all been obedient for her! What a blessing to hear that! I had some people praying (especially me and brett!!!) that they would be ok and I know God heard and answered those prayers. Thank you Lord :)

In the afternoon, the kids took their 'quiet time'. I can't believe that they are all sleeping at this time! We have had to be strict with a no talking rule but it is paying off and we are finding that they are much more settled in the afternoon and especially into the evening when we have devotions - they seem much more attentive.

After quiet time, we got changed into our swimmers and had a blast at the pool. Liji started jumping in off the edge of the pool! What a MIRACULOUS change from a boy who feared water and would hate to get his eyes and ears wet (many autistic children with sensory processing issues find this kind of this unbearable and Liji used to. The aquatic centre had to terminate his lessons pre-diagnosis pre-diet pre-us-understanding-what-was-going-on because it was just too much for him to handle!!!) So to turn around from that and have a water baby who does not want to get out of the pool, who lets go and floats all around the pool and then jumps into the pool on his own -you might be able to see why we say it is MIRACULOUS!!!! Photos to come :)

I had packed a picnic and we got some hot chips to go with it all and went back up to the stadium to watch Brett play basketball; his last game for the year.

I just love days like that -full of fun, family and the loving work of God!

5 things I am thankful to God for today:

1. Gorgeous girls Rach G and Cass for sending my some lovely raks in the mail - thanks guys!
2. That the kids have been crafting together next to me while i posted this and have enjoyed being near each other
3. Karen and Isabelle being here yesterday
4. A great platelet count and the fab news about the hospital!
5. Liji's love for the water and that the other kids are starting to enjoy it too :)

L x


Zarna said...

Wow, that's fantastic about you being able to deliver at *your* hospital!!! It makes all the difference to feel comfortable.
I prayed almost my entire pregnancy that I would get one particular midwife and she came onto duty 4 or 5 hours (some of us aren't so lucky ;p) after us getting to the hospital and was there until Charlotte was born.
She was a friend from school's mum and I have known her for years so every single time she walked into the room I felt like she was in control so I could relax and just do what she told me to do, where when the other lady was on duty I felt like she didn't really know what was going on with me (Charlotte was posterior so it's harder to tell how dialated you are amongst other things). I know that I would have given birth regardless of whether she was there or not but there were times where I was saying things like "I don't want to do this anymore" and "I can't do this" and she would just say "yes you can" and I would just think, "ok, I can".

Jodi said...

Hi Lusi, I thought you might be interested in reading how God touched our life and provided for us yesterday. It's on my blog here... battens.wordpress.com

Hugs, Jodi xxx

merryheart2 said...

hi Lusi
i am hoping with you that your health will continue.

i'm going to direct someone to your blog as she is thinking of homeschooling.

i left an award for you on my blog.
i enjoy your blog. thank you for sharing your heart and faith here.

Christine said...

Praise God, it would be so much better to have the baby close to home! We'll be praying for you. Thanks for the HS link...I'm going to have a look at it now. Love, Christine

Cherie said...

Lusi I am so pleased to read your platelet levels are so high, I hope they continue to stay at that levels. I am so glad you are happy about the hospital and having your little princess there... I have not had my count checked for a couple of months but last count was 50...

Take care and huggs to you all,

Cherie xxooxx


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