Wednesday, November 26, 2008

it's a princess :)

Yep we found out yesterday that the little baby in my tummy is a little pink one!
We would have been happy either way but we are excited as its been a little while since a wee pink one made her way about our house.
Stassi is stoked and the boys are dealing with the news pretty well too despite so wanting a baby brother.
All Stass could say yesterday after she let our a huge 'wooooohoooooooooooooo!' was 'God answered my prayers mummy!'

We are continuing to pray for this baby as contractions have still been present. I actually had one show up during the ultra sound so i know they are occuring. Please pray for help for our precious little girl in there and that she comes at the Lord's appointed time.

5 things I am thankful for today:

1. Getting Stass into her new room and having her love it in there!
2. Having much calmer days with Liji (thanks Gail and Sumi for your messages and prayers)
3. Mangoes mmmmm
4. Brett doing the shopping
5. Rest

Lus x

Oh and the gorgeous pici above was stolen from my Natti's beautiful PATOOTIES website. Check out her many gorgeous designs for modern cloth nappies :) Love you Nat and hope you don't mind me posting this beautiful pici :)


Kaz said...

Congrats Lus

How wonderful....a girl!!! Yeah. Stassi had told me that she wanted a sister...Im so thrilled for you all.

Stass and Jake were on stage together today - how cute - receiving their awards - wished I had the camera.

Chat soon

Much Luv
Kaz :)

Anthea said...

Lusi that is such wonderful news! congratulations

Karen L said...

Congratulations Lusi - I am so thrilled for you all. I bet Stassi is over the moon - she is going to be one spoilt little treasure.

Cass said...

Praying that your precious little girl stays safely in your womb for many more weeks Lus. *hugs* Cass

Zarna said...

Congrats!!! A little girl is perfect, 2 boys and 2 girls! Rounds out the 'set' nicely lol
And you & Stass won't be overwhelmed by too much testosterone flying around in the teenage years hehe

Praying that God will keep your little princess safe until it's time for you to meet her!

jess said...

YAY!!!! Im so happy for you that you are having a baby GIRL!!! how perfect!!!

Sumara said...

Oooh a bubby girl.... hooray! I'm so excited for you.

I have a few boxes of girl stuff that I've put aside, so I'll keep it for you.

Now I know I'm a nag, but have you seen your midwife (or doc) about those contractions yet? Keep an eye on it if you're worried okay? I just nag cos I worry.

Leanne said...

A HUGE congrats to you and Brett, Lusi! How wonderful for you to have pink coming your way.

Hope you are having a fantastic day.

Dawn Stan said...

Congratulations Lus. So happy for you guys.

Marie said...

congratulation lusi and brett, so happy for you guys 2 of each, very nice.

Giovanna said...

happy pink thoughts to you
many great leaps are tempered by the hard days
chin up, my thoughts are with you

Linda said...

Hi Lusi,
I found your new blog :)
Wonderful news, a little sister for Stass, how cute!
Hope all is going well. We will have to catch up in the holidays so the girls can get together, just give me a buzz :)
Take care guys!

Nomes said...

hey lus
loving the new blog. looking forward to checking it out and getting some fab ideas for my family throughout the year.
so excited you guys are having a girl!
thanks for the chat agin mate, love you guys. so glad youre in our lives
x Nomes

miss~nance said...

OH Lusi - I am so thrilled or you and will also be praying that your princess stays firmly in your womb for some time yet.



BTW I have read the story in your post below many times b4 but I still had tears streaming down my face. TFS.

Al said...

Oh how gorgeous Lus ... that's beautiful that you have a little girl on the way! Hope things are well for you and that someone is watching over you :)


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