Sunday, November 16, 2008

16.11.08 photos

Gulls in Terrigal recently...

gulls in terrigal

And i sold this photograph at a local art exhibition at the school...

taken on my annual girls weekend away up at terrigal

My birthday *safe* cake that Brett cooked for me. We ate it in a park after Liji's therapy session and it was great!

blowing out my birthday candles a few weeks back. brett was gorgeous and baked a low salicylate cake and packed it to take to a park after liji's therapy session. just gorgeous!

A lady beetle...

lady beetle

Brett be nimble Brett be quick....playing chasings in the park...

brett be nimble brett be quick...playing chasings in the park

Bacon and Egg Wildflowers which my mum always pointed out to us as kids and which my kids now point out to us!

bacon and egg wildflowers which mum used to point out to me when i was a kid. now my kids love to spot this on our walks!

Playing Bullrush in the Park after Dinner one night (we LOVE daylight savings!!!!)

after a big 'all hands in team Austin'

The kids planning the best way to catch daddy!!!!

planning where to run during a game of bullrush

And one of my all time fave photos of Brett taken recently in our fave local cafe...

a fave photo i took of brett in our fave cafe

More soon,
Lus x

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