Tuesday, November 18, 2008


This arrived in the mail yesterday afternoon...
It is an Allison Strine necklace with a beautiful mama in an apron tending to her little brood...

And on the back it says 'She is mum first'.
It was sent to me by my lovely friend Danielle Quarmby who is one of Australia's top scrapbookers and a woman i am honoured to call a friend.
Thanks so much Dq and it is so much my heart; being a mama to my brood.
5 things I am thankful for today:
1. cuppa & chat time with Melli today. love ya mate
2. safety when brett travels to and from work every single day
3. a great collection of books from mum yesterday that were mine as a kid!
4. a lovely meal at mum and dad's after therapy yesterday
5. a reminder about how much i miss Fiji and how much i long to visit my grandmother again


Belinda Venables said...

Hey Lus.

Great to see you blogging. :D

What a beautiful gift. You are lucky to have such a dear friend.

Keep well.


Melli M said...

Hey Gorgeous, thanks for the cuppa & friendship yesterday! Just what I needed! Thanks for the link to your new blog,too. I love it!!!

Gail said...

Beautiful header photo Lusi. Thanks for sharing your next adventure.

bubblesofmylife said...

Nice new blog ... I can see I'll find rest for the soul and inspiration for parenting here. God is using you to speak to me ... have noted the Mum first message today!

Scrapsister said...

That is awesome Lusi. DQ, you are amazing.

Karen L said...

Lusi I am encouraged and reminded of the blessing of family by reading your blog. There is no greater joy then seeing your kids following the Lord and caring for each other.

Chrissy said...

Awww how utterly precious is your gift Lus honey!D is sooo lovely to do that! :)

Thanks for the email and the sweet birthday message too love. I'm so excited for you and the direction you are going! It's going to be awesome!! Over the years, as a teaching mumma, I've often felt that draw to homeschooling my own 3perhaps - a parent at the end of one year as she hugged me goodbye quietly said to me that she was sure God had sent me to teach lots of kiddies and not just my own and it hit home that she was right. :) Being in a classroom of precious little people is a Gift to me and hopefully I can share some love and knowledge with them that they'll take on their journey through life and make them treasure what is *truly* important. It's an amazing feeling....

If you ever need anything Lus, even just an ear, sing out. I'm always here.

Love ya darl!
Chrissy xx


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