Sunday, November 16, 2008


So here i find myself starting up yet another blog; my fourth i think.
This time it's different.
We are just starting a brand new journey in our lives. We are homeschooling :)
And we are so excited!!!
So much is happening and since I've left the scrapbooking & publishing industry, I've actually really enjoyed the break from blogging.
But i do also REALLY want to record and remember the journey from start to finish. I could just keep a journal but i have tried that before and it didn't really work. For some reason that i can't properly explain, i really like blogging and interacting with others and sharing about our life and more importantly, our faith in God.
So, here it begins and I will blog more specifically but just wanted to post my first post and this thing in motion :)

Because of Christ,
Lusi x

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