Sunday, November 16, 2008


I think i'll start from yesterday and work my way back!

Yesterday I was really blessed to have Sharon and her four homeschooled kids come around for a visit. They are soon leaving to move interstate but we go to the same church and for so long have been trying to get together! Yesterday it finally happened and it was great! Sharon brought along with her lots of examples of the kids work so that I could see first hand just how she sets things out. Her approach is very casual and yet the kids really LOVE learning! It was so exciting to see :)

Brett came home from work half way through her visit and so she was able to share them with him too. He almost cried when he saw what she was sharing because it is just what we love; seeing the kids love learning whilst keeping their eyes and hearts on the Lord and developing their character to be Christ-like.

I minded the kids while Sharon went to the hospital for a midwive's appointment (she is 4 weeks ahead of me in expecting!) and while she was gone the youngest little one fell off the lounge. She didn't hurt herself but was more shocked i think. Anyway, I put my arms out to her but all she wanted was her big sister. The older sister (8 years) immediately heard her cries and said, 'Oh bubby, come here. Oh sweetie are you ok?' and rocked her back and forward in her arms until the little one had calmed down. She then put her to sleep on the lounge and made sure she was 100% ok before returning to the other kids. The older sister was so loving and caring and kind to her siblings and I just see the benefit of homeschooling flowing over into so many other areas of life. It really was so lovey to witness that little interaction. Maybe because it is what i desire for my kids to be like to each other too.

Once they left (after giving us three massive bags of clothes for the kids - thanks Lord!) Brett was brainstorming ideas about starting up an A-Z book with the kids. He was writing and talking about it and it was such a blessing for me to see him so excited about it!!!!

Lori (my gorgeous mate from church) has a lovely sis who homeschools her 4 kids and she (Sal) came up for lunch a little while ago. Again it encouraged mine and Brett's hearts to just get together with these guys and hear about their experiences. Sal shared openly about the challenges and blessings involved with it and offered to lend me her book EDUCATING'>EDUCATING THE WHOLE HEARTED CHILD which i just got 2 nights ago. Will update with more info on it once I've read it! lol :) She also gave us some cd's to borrow about homeschooling too so am keen as to go through these at some stage.

I think one of the things I am realising is that we are ALREADY home educating our kids! On Tuesday after school, we took the kids in their new reef shoes (hard soles with wetsuit material covering) down on a bushwalk so that they could play in the creeks. There is too much glass in there (randomly found) to let them go in barefoot which is a shame but these $10 shoes are a fantastic answer! Anyway, as we were walking in, Liji spots these big yellow things and says excitedly, "look mum!!!! it's a bottlebrush!" and it was! I was so pumped because when we go walking we say the names of flora to them and sometimes i wonder if they take it in, but that showed me that they do! It was just a lovely afternoon of discovery; great waterholes not far in to hike to, a tame water skink who stayed to say hi and lots of fantastic floral sights on the way in and out.

So we ARE doing this and I am loving it already despite us not having 'officially' started our first homeschooling term.

Must jet but i am really happy to be able to document this journey as i go along.
Lus x

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