Sunday, March 29, 2015


Turns out, I really miss writing.
Regularly writing.
Sitting down and nutting out thoughts and feelings and sharing.

I've had that enormous wrestling. You know the one?
Where you think about how you wrote a journal as a child and how private you wanted it to remain and how EVERYONE *including me* seemed to all of a sudden without much thought, start writing on a blog! Not that I wrote and shared every thought and feeling here (far from it) but I did share a lot about our life!

And part of me misses that I have not done that.

And part of me is glad I haven't.

Part of me hates that I can't be honest about the way I feel about things lest it upset or offend and another part of me doesn't give a rats.

Do you too have these struggles or is it just me?!
Well, in the midst of the wrestle, I've realized I really DO miss writing and the blogging community.

Here I am, second post in 24 hours *first time that's happened since about 2012* lol

Is anyone else still blogging?

Lus x


Michelle said...

me!!! So fun to see you writing! Yay!<3 I still go back and forth and daydream of quitting, but something keeps me going. One day, I will. But not yet. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you posted! Keep writing!

Lee said...

HI Lusi!
I just randomly clicked on your blog link and was so happy to see you had posted again! Hope you and your family have been wonderful.
Lee L. :)


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