Thursday, September 20, 2012

Zeeki's 1st Birthday!

 A couple of weeks ago, our youngest, Zeeki, turned 1! It was a lovely time of celebrating the life that Yah has given to him and his addition into our lives!
Here are some snaps to share from his day (and bbq the following weekend).

{Our family tradition is to open birthday pressies/cards in the morning before brekky. The kids all come in with present bag in hand singing to the birthday child. Zeeki loved this. I'd been singing 'happy birthday' to him for a few weeks so he wouldn't freak out by the noise/attention. It seemed to do the trick because every time it was sung, he would smile or do a happy squeal! Yay!}

{Opening his gift from us; a pull-along frog. Simple and well loved already!}

{Zeeki loved the box of course a little more than the gift itself ;) }

{Our happy birthday boy!}
{Later that afternoon, mum and dad and my sis Dee arrived. Dee travelled interstate while mum and dad had driven up (they are 7 hours away) to help celebrate with us. We hadn't seen them since returning from Fiji. It was great to catch up again.}

{Dannii, Nanny and Poppy arrived later. Here's me, Dannii and Dee together.}

{Dannii has bought one of the Max Lucado books for each of our kids on a birthday. She bought this one for Zeeki's first birthday. Dannii always sticks a photo in the front and writes a beautiful letter to the child. It is a treasured keepsake and such a sweet idea.}

{Birthday dinner; bbq!}

{Our two families come together to celebrate - missing from photo Meng (who couldn't make it - we understood Meng!) and Dannii who popped down to see J (her best friend) whose birthday was also the same day!}
{Zeeki and his Naui share a cuddle}

{With my mum and dad}

{With Brett's mum and dad}

{With Aunty Dee}

{Opening a gift!}

{Zeeki was blessed with some gorgeous things; an interactive toy, lots of clothes, some shoes and sheet + doona set for his junior bed when it's time to transition into that.
Thank you everyone!}

{From Aunty Dee...a little ride on bike!}

{I made gluten free cupcakes for Zeeki's birthday topped with strawberries.
As soon as we started singing the birthday song, he smiled knowingly!}

{What's that you say? There's something on my mouth?!}

{My cheeky boys!!!}
{The night ended with Stass asking Pupu for a waltz - I LOVE this shot! I used to LOVE dancing in the backroom with my dad when I was a little girl. Stass had picked out this dress in an op-shop not long before for only $7.50 and when she danced in it, she really looked like a gorgeous young lady! They grow up so quickly, don't they?! One minute they are turning 1, the next minute, they know how to waltz!}

{Zeeki and Naui finish off the night with a quick little dance (and smile) too!}
The following weekend, we had a little Sunday arvo casual bbq here to celebrate.
{Some laminated labels Liji and I made for the water jugs}
{Brett cooking up a storm for his baby boy's birthday!}
{My gorgeous and incredibly faithful friend of almost 15 years, Kaz}

{Our gorgeous mates Pete and Tiff who travelled 3 hours to visit Zeeki! We love you guys!}

{The beautiful Leonard's who are very dear to our hearts}
{My gorgeous girlfriends: Donna, Elisa and Sumi who all came with their families!}

{Ezekiel enjoying some nomnoms!}

{Elisa's girls playing with Liji in the 'teepee' he made}

{Our family tradition is that for every child, they have all had an icecream birthday cake for their first birthday.}
{Blowing out his candle with some help from mama!}

{First taste of icecream cake!}
{Opening some pressies on the back lawn}

{He loved this puppet!}

{And while Zeeki was doing that, Brett and some of the big boys (and little ones too!) shot some hoops}
Was a really fun and relaxing afternoon together.
Thank you everyone for coming.
I might do a separate post reflecting on Zeeki's first year.
More to come soon,
Lus x


Peterson Party said...

Such a handsome little boy...Happy Birthday, Zeeki :)
Love this post and seeing all the family love :)

Stace said...


I hope you had a great day!!


MommySetFree said...

Sound like a splendid celebration of your baby boy, and beautiful collection of friends and family! You are blessed Lus! (But then again, So are THEY!) :-)

Nat said...

What a beautiful celebration of a most special little boy!! Sooo wish we were closer!!

Leah-in-the-Kia said...

Lovely post, happy birthday zeeki, got your note thankyou Lusi , it was a lovely surprise love Leah xx

Julie said...

Where does the time go??? What a blessing!


Leah-in-the-Kia said...

Totally of the subject, lol but Lusi can you do a post and share your journey to a gluten free diet? What do you use and recipes etc as I know gluten free products can be very expensive, I am sure my Fallon has an intolerance to gluten , she does not have cd but I'm sure this change in food would help , any advise would be great!!!!!

Elisha said...

what a lovely day you guys had.. happy birthday little man!

lusi said...

Thank you all for the beautiful birthday wishes for Zeeki!

Leah, I will try my best to do a post about gf stuff very soon for you! Hope you are well and glad the note arrived!

Much love to all,
Lus x

Chrissy said...

Awww little Zeeki has turned one already...September birthdays are so special, all 3 of our munchkins are September bubs. May God bless your little man now and always. Happy birthday Zeeki! Love the Berry Bunch xx


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