Thursday, August 9, 2012


We had snow forecast to land in our town last night (well a chance of anyway!) but it didn't arrive.
Two towns away however it did settle.
So at 7am this morning, the kids scoffed down some brekky and we decided to go off in search of the snow!
Here are a mix of normal camera and iphone photos.

{Ethi and I all rugged up}

{The only sign of snow at our place...some snow flakes frozen on the windscreen}

{As we drove into the town, the kids were squealing with delight seeing parks covered over with snow}

{Zippi enjoyed it for a very short time}

{The kids were cold but were loving the novelty the snow brings}

{Zeeki's first sight of snow!}

{Park benches were covered over in a thick layer of soft white beauty}

{Snow angels!}

{A winter wonderland}

{Just after this shot was taken, Zippi picked some snow which of course meant that her hands were then freezing. Poor thing ended up having a monstrous size meltdown. I underestimated how much the cold would affect her. I thought she would be cold but she was more than just 'normal' cold. This is what happens with kids who are hyper-sensitive to heat/cold. I just underestimated it. But lesson well learnt. For the rest of the time she stayed in the car and I right next to it while the bigger kids played.}

{In your face Ethi...literally}

{Small toes kept warm and dry thanks to our rubber boots}

{Poor snotty Zeeki was outside all of about 3 minutes before he'd had enough too. Back into the warmth of Betsy the bus for the babies}

{The big kids however...!!!}

{More snow angels}

{Such beauty; snow in the Australian bush}

{Someone had made a cute little snowman on the bonnet of a car!}

{One of our fave transformed into a white snowy playland}

{Stass pegs a snowball right at me!}

{Going off together to make snowballs and a snowman}

{A car is completely covered in snow. The kids spot this one and think it's fabulous!}

{Ethi shouts out, "Wait up for me guys!" as they going up a small hill}

{The sun begins to shine through and slowly starts to melt the snow}

{Snow ball!}

{Am glad of my boots too!}

{Snow fight}

{This little duck came up to say hi and stood in the sun for a moment}

{Ah yes that is snow in Liji's mouth! These are the sorts of memories I hope my kids' childhood are jam-packed with; fun, exploration, experience, togetherness}

{My snowy shadow}

{As we went to drive out of the town, we went past a hill where a couple of families were toboganning. Our kids have never done that before and loved watching them. I didn't have anything for them to use as a sled/toboggan. I said if they wanted to go and ask if they could please have a turn using the for sale sign the other family had brought with them, then I would wait for them. They weren't sure about if they wanted to and there was talk about who would go and ask, etc. Liji decided he would be brave and go forward and ask the Dad of the family. I was so proud of him and so thankful that the man was so kind and replied with a very enthusiatic, "Yes! Of course you can mate!" How wonderful!}

{Liji launches himself down the slope on the for sale sign and lets out shrieks of joy as he travels very quickly down the hill}

{Stass enjoyed her run too!}

{Ethi loved it and went sliding down the hill to the right and left and then backwards!}

{Liji and I went down together!!! It was SOOOOO MUCH fun!}

{And um yep maybe as I pulled up, I ended up on my bum! Cold and bumpy but hilarious!}

{Another snowball fight!}

{Liji and I were going to jump in the air together but while I jump, he aims and fires yet another snowball at my head! lol! It's ok, I got him back ;)}

{Snow Day!}

{When we drove back into our town, the kids noticed there was heaps of snow on the mountain ranges. So we drove to a lookout and I snapped a couple of photos of the snow-capped ranges}

On the way home, Zeeki fell asleep and transferred well out of the car into the cot so the kids and I could enjoy a hot chocolate and begin our day in the warm of our heating.
Blessed, we are!

5 Things I am Thankful for Today:
1. Heating
2. Homeschooling so we can have those kind of fun exploring moments together
3. Betsy our bus
4. Play-doh
5. Our amazing creator who sends snow!

More another time,
Lus x


Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos Lusi. Seeing that snow might explain why it's so cold here. Hope you guys enjoyed your hot chocolate. Time to put on the kettle I think. Thanks for sharing. Xxx Nadia

Michelle said...

That looked like SO much fun, my younger children haven't seen snow, so when it falls near the tops where we live we too will have a little adventure! Got to love homeschooling!


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