Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Mother's Day Card from my Beloved

{photo taken earlier this year}

I had a lovely Mother's Day.
My darling hubby, who is not one for long 'essays' in cards as he calls them, wrote me one today.
And it made my day.
My year!

It read:
"Dear Lusi,
Just to let you know you are an awesome amazing joyous mama.
We all love you so much with laughter, hugs, morning walks, special date times and tears.
Thank you:
for all the hard work that you do, you are the one that keeps us all rockin and making things happen to
make our days as wonderful as they are
for all the work you do, when we don't see you doing it,
even when you're tired and want to sleep you keep pushing on.
Thanks for being my beautifulest ever.
You make my heart sing.
I know you love my singing!
Love you my Ever-After.
From all of us,
Love Brett and the kids xxxxxx

I tell you, when I read these words (and yep I cried!) all the times I've changed pooey nappies, have held a bucket for a vomiting child, have sat crying and praying outloud asking God how I can help my child, all the times I've screamed or been screamed at, been told I "just don't understand", have kept on going despite feeling like no one cares that I just cleaned that or picked up this or whatever it may be....all of those hard things fade away and all I feel is love and appreciated.
And I am.
I know I am.
Some days are tricky, especially with special-needs kids.
But I tell you there is one basic thing that most of humanity wants and is searching for...
and that is to be loved, really really loved and to love back.
And I feel blessed that I have that in my Brett and in our kiddos.
That is our life!
And as messy as it often is, I wouldn't change it for the world!

Happy Mother's Day to my family and friends.
L x
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MommySetFree said...

Happy Mother's Day Sweet Sister! I had a lot of catching up to do! I am in a season where I (too) am not online as much...but I wanted to catch up and say Hi! Loving you! p

lusi said...

Ah Pamela! I think of you SO OFTEN! Praying all is well with your beautiful family. Thank you for your comment and I send my love back to you!
Love Lusi x

Anonymous said...


Those words of Bretts made me shed a tear or two. Just beautiful. You are an amazing lady (even though I have never met you). From your updates you are full of strength and love and much more. I hope you had a lovely mothers day filled with laughter, love and fond memories.

Love Nadia xx


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