Saturday, January 7, 2012

Run to My Father {Nat's Song}

This is a song I wrote and very roughly recorded for my darling friend Nat about losing her precious son Sebastian Levi Mardon. Their journey has been one of faith and hope in the midst of great heartache, trial and pain. Nat is one of my closest friends. Our boys were born a day apart and I've been honoured and humbled to walk along side her during this time. We share a very special bond and I felt inspired by Yah to write this song for her.
You can read about Nat's journey through the celebration, the pain and the love they have walked over at LOVE NEVER FAILS. You can read about Trisomy 18 HERE.

Like I said, this is a rough recording; no mic's, no amps, nothing fancy. Just me sitting in my loungeroom with my guitar singing a song I wrote about my friend's journey and how her Loving Father is carrying her through it all.

The lyrics to the song are:

Verse One:
It's funny how life can change in one moment,
when everything insignificant fades away
How time can stand still in that moment
And your breath can be taken away

Pre Chorus:
And through the pain and the tears
God knew all of my fears
And did not break me (no no)
And I never knew
that losing you
would make me, would make me

Run to my Father
into His arms
And let Him carry me like on wings of eagles
Run to my Father
into His arms
And let Him heal, let him heal my broken heart

Verse Two:
There are days when the darkness surrounds me
And I feel lost, alone and afraid
Then there are days where your memory is so bright
And God's hope really lights my way

(Back to pre chorus and chorus)
And you are not forgotten
I love you still so much
You have changed my life forever
And I am thankful this journey made me

(Back to chorus) 
Love to my precious friends Nat & Greg, Jai, Eli and Lani and in special memory of Sebastian Levi.


Enid said...

Oh Lusi...I need this on my itunes... really! Just beautiful! Love your accent girl... mate!! :)


Andi said...

Oh my goodness Lusi....tears beautiful! OH so beautiful...

Anonymous said...

Lusi that is so beautiful. God is really working through you with your special musical talent. I am sure that song will be a blessing to Nat, Greg and the children as it has been to me, and to many others too. a beautiful memorial for Sebi too.

love Marion

Kaz said...

Just beautiful....what a precious gift. you are a talented inspiring young lady and I miss you heaps xx

Abbey said...


lusi said...

Wow. Thanks so much for your kind and encouraging words everyone.
Much love,
Lus x

Anonymous said... have a beautiful gift! And what a wonderful song for our amazing Nat & family. I'd love it on itunes too!

Roz James

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Lusi, it made me think of my friend who lost a bub last year. I've shared it on my facebook page for her to see. GG

Nat said...

So sorry, I thought I had posted on here.
I love you. This is amazing, you don't know how much of a gift this is to me honey. Many tears.

Love you, and thank you again. I love it.

lusi said...

Lol Enid about my accent! Here's me thinking YOU had the lovely accent! Lol!!!

Thanks Andi; you are always a blessing to me.

Hi there Marion! Thanks for your kind words. Blessings to you x

Kaz miss you too my friend. Much love x

Thanks Abbey :-)

Hi Roz! Hope you are doing well mate; its been years!! Maybe one day I'll get it on iTunes. Thanks for the feedback!
Love to you x

G, hi my friend! Been thinking of you lots lately! Hope all is well your way. Hope the song is an encouragement to your friend. I'm sorry for her loss. Love to you guys x

And Nat, love you mate. X

Chrissy said...

There's just something so very special about music and praise... your beautiful song for Sebby and Natti's whole family just made my heart sing!! What a true Gift honey for them and for us too. xx

Anonymous said...

Beautiful xxx


frills and spills said...

How beautiful!

Jas xx

singing mama said...

Lusi such a beautiful song and such a gift for Nat to remember little Sebby. Luv Donna

Becki said...

Lusi, I frequent your blog, but haven't posted. You bring me out of lurkdom to say I'm sobbing. I know this was meant for your precious friends, but it truly ministered to this momma's heart. You see, this month I celebrate the what "would have been" the birth month of our sweet Aviella Joy that was born still, ushered into the arms of her Creator.

What an incredible blessing to. I would love to have this on my ipod. Blessings, and thank you for all the encouragment on your blog!

lusi said...

Chrissy- thanks lovely. Natti is a real blessing to us hey so it was the least I could do.

Thank you Nadia, Jas and Doona for your sweet words.

Becki, I'm completely humbled by your comment. Firstly I'm so sorry for the loss of your precious Aviella Joy. I can't begin to imagine what you are going through but I pray that Yah is able to give you all you need at this time. May His comfort abound to you. Thank you for sharing your story with me. I send love back to you Becki.

Love Lusi x


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