Friday, November 18, 2011

In the Country

We went for a little 3 day adventure this week out to the country.
Here are some snaps from our time away... 

{playing in a beautiful park on the way}

{looking for tadpoles}

{chillaxing in the mouse house in the shade away from the bright heat of the sun!}

{our 5 gorgeous munchies as I call them!}

{this park had cool equipment to play on}

{and a wetlands viewing platform}

{ethi spotted a duckling with its parents}

{and Liji read aloud to us from the wetlands info plaque}

{stass gave zip a piggyback}

{Channi's first snuggle with Zeeki!
The lovely Vandors were so hospitable to us and made us feel so welcome.
Was so lovely to catch up again!}

{Jonah's baby ducklings are so sweet}

{We don't stay away very often so its a real treat when we do even if it is just basic caravan park accomodation - to us it may as well have been a grand Hotel somewhere! The kids thought it was the BEST thing ever! They had windows near their beds that slid open into the annexe and they thought that was SUPER DUPER cool! lol. It was great safe and affordable accomodation and we were thankful for it}

{Gorgeous Zeeki settled really well. He also travelled perfectly there and back with no crying! So I think the silent reflux thing was on the money and the meds seem to help too. He's such a sweetie pie}

{We saw a big kangaroo out in the open near a dam. It just kept starring at us and then after a couple of minutes bounded away into the bush. The kids were stoked to see that!}

{Our boys + Stass loved playing with the Vandor kids; they played make-believe 'spy' games with guns and prisons, taking turns being held captive and being the 'catcher'. They also played hide and seek and watched Cars 2 and some Little House on the Prairie together}.

{Our kiddos at a lookout}
{Up high overlooking the country town}

And home again home again jiggity jig!

It was a refreshing and very special time away for our family.
More another time,


Nat said...

Looks like it was a beautiful time. And little man Zeeki is growing up so fast honey, he's so cute!

singing mama said...

Oh lovely family trip and lovely family friends - both so special. And I've being to that park many times now and never knew it had a wetlands platform lol. I'll have to check it out :) luv Donna

Sumara said...

That park looks beautiful - you'll have to tell/show us where it is sometime. :)

We stayed in a caravan park on our QLD holiday and it was great fun. And the kids loved the little windows too! Funny kids. :)

Let's catch up really soon!


The Vintage Rose said...

So glad you have had this special family time, were able to catch up with friends and that you have a diagnosis for Zeeki and are able to treat it now and give him relief... what a blessing! Delcie

Channi said...

we miss you! come back!!!


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