Monday, November 7, 2011

How we sometimes spend Shabbat

Shabbat (sabbath) is always a precious day to us.
We rest.
We deliberately rest.
It's actually not easy to do this since we are programmed as a society to achieve and 'do'!
But as the old saying goes, we are human 'beings' not human 'doings'.
Yah has gifted us with this set-apart day into our week to give us some rest from our work and I love that!
I mean, I really really love that!
So most shabbats we spend time resting.

{Some of the verses that speak of Shabbat are found in Genesis 2, Isaiah 58, Exodus 20, Hebrews 4 and Leviticus 23 and there are a stack load more.}

Resting is a fairly broad term though so I thought I would share some of the things we've enjoyed over the past 2 sabbaths as examples.

We have a special brekky on Shabbat; some rice cocoa bombs that they have only once a week. They really look forward to this special brekky!
The kids enjoy colouring in some sheets that are based on the Torah Portion
(which is a portion of scripture that we listen to on the Sabbath. It changes from week to week so that you actually make your way through reading the first 5 books of the bible in one year).

{there are lots of great websites with sheets to colour in from the torah portions - check out my sidebar to the right for some linkage :) }

{Liji is delighting in his colouring in at the moment. He is very intentional with his work and gets quite absorbed in it at the moment. His level of concentration has come along and so he likes to do this kind of work now while the Bible Audio Cd plays and reads to us}.

Another way we spend shabbat is simply...just hanging out together.
We delight in being with each other.
Sometimes people join us for fellowship and other times it's just us.

{Last week Zeeki was all smiles on Shabbat}

{just adorable!}

{chatting and cooing with big sis Stass}

While the Torah Portion is playing on the Bible CD the older kids colour, Zippi usually joins in for a little while and then loses interest so she'll snuggle with one of us or big blocks or something. Sometimes she doesn;t cope and we just pause and resume a little later on in the day...maybe when she is having a little nap or something. It can be a challenge but we try not to stress out when things don't go according to 'our' plans.

{Last Shabbat, daddy enjoyed cuddling with Zeeki while some of the older kids came over to say hi and then returned to their colouring in}

We also enjoy two planned meals on Shabbat. It's the only day that I plan intentionally for both lunch and dinner. We don't do paid 'servile' work, as the Scriptures say, but I do a little here and there to prepare meals if need be. I do try though not to have to do much work in the kitchen on Shabbat; after all, mama needs rest too!
I usually plan for a slow cooker meal for dinner and something that needs next to no prep for lunch.

{This past Shabbat I made a herbed risoni and tuna dish for lunch. Easy to prepare with yummy fresh greens from our garden too - thank you Yah!}

We really enjoy being out in nature on Shabbat. It not only reminds us of our awesome Creator God but also seems to recharge the batteries in a special way for our fam!
This past week, we went to one of our fave hang out spots.
The boys had been asking if we could go somewhere and catch tadpoles so we packed the nets and a spare change of clothes for each child, the drink bottles and a little snack and off we went!

{The kids enjoyed the freedom of being able to jump across the rocks over the creek}

{Zeeki had a lovely sleep in the Caboo}

{fetching rocks to make a dam}

{Zippi cooling off}

{the bigger kids scaled the giant rock that they have grown to love so much}

{Ethi constructing a dam}

{exploring on the other side of the creek}

{adventurers free in creation on a glorious Shabbat afternoon last week}

As you can see, there truly in nothing 'burdensome' about Shabbat.

Instead, we find what the Word of Yah says to be true...
"If you call the Sabbath a delight and Yah's Holy Day honourable
and if you honour it by not going your own way,
doing as you please and speaking idle words,
then you will find your JOY in Yah"
- Isaiah 58

And JOY we have found.
Oh SOOOO much JOY.

More to come another time,


singing mama said...

Looks like you guys have lovely shabbats Lusi!! Sometimes our shabbats are great like this past week and sometimes they are harder due mainly to little ones. We are so thankful though for Yahs appointed day of rest!!! We so need it for our bodies and minds hey!!
Luv Donna

nettypike said...

Gorgeous kids, beautiful days. Shalom from SA!

Peterson Party said...

I love the pictures of the baby smiling. So cute! We are so excited to spend more time outside, in nature, on Sabbath. The weather has finally started cooling down so we will be able to do that!

Andi said...

What a lovely way to spend the Shabbat, resting, torah and time with your family. Little guy is so ...well cute! ;0)

Chrissy said...

Awww little Zeeki's smiles just made my heart happy, he is utterly precious Lus and wow he's getting so big already. :)


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