Thursday, June 16, 2011

Toilet Training

I can't believe that we've been 'toilet training' our fourth child!

Far out - she was just a baby yesterday {well it feels like that to me!}

In two weeks, she's become FULLY toilet trained; day and night for both 'number ones' and 'number twos'!

I'm really amazed and am really thankful to Yah since I had prayed and asked Him if there was anyway she could be out of nappies before the new baby arrived. Man it still shocks me when He answers prayer when we least expect it - and I really didn't expect it! She just wasn't showing any signs of being interested whatsover until 2 weeks ago.
We've gone from that to now not needing to use nappies anymore!

Some of the journey (so I don't forget down the track):

* She really liked the seat + ladder we bought with the comfy padding
* She has not at all been interested in using the little red portable potty we bought a while back at Ikea. I think all of our other kids used the potty first but not Zip! She wanted straight to the toilet like a big girl!
* After her first time on the toilet doing a little wee, we got her to ring the grandparents and tell them (we've always done this with each child and it seems to make them more excited about their 'achievment'!)
* On the third day, we tried putting her to sleep in her undies for her day nap and was amazed when she woke up dry
* It was a blessing to have mum, dad, Brett and Stass here to help during the two weeks because my back was so bad and it often hurt lifting her up onto the seat. She would hardly let my mum and dad lift her up and take her (she wanted either me or Brett) but she would let them read stories to her there and at least lift her onto the seat sometimes.
* Stass was really helpful and would just ask sometimes, "Zip, need to go to the toilet?" and Zip would say yes so off they would go down to the bathroom together. I'm so thankful for the way Yah has ordered our family and for Stass' lovely willing heart to help out her little sister.
* We've changed the time we give Zippi milk at night (earlier now) so that there is time to pop her on the toilet before bed - this seems to help her stay dry through the night
* She was struggling with her 'number twos' so we kept a nappy on for some of the time to let her kind of get started and this seemed to help her confidence build
* We give one little m+m for a wee as an incentive and two of them for a number two! These of course get faded out over time but they are a really good motivating factor for Miss Z!
* Zippi is two years and two months old
* My beautiful friend Lori has a little bag over her toilet holder and I thought I'd pinch that idea and use it to store chunky board books for when Zip was using the toilet. This was great because it gave us special time together, it helped take her focus away from concentrating on 'doing' something and just allowed her to sit and relax and chunky board books are great because they can just be wiped down if there are any 'messes' that they come in contact with.
* I went to the op shop and bought this little bag for $3 to pop over our holder and it has worked a treat...

Not sure how she'll go with it all once bubby arrives, but here's hoping that with 10 weeks to go, she'll be completely in her toileting routine and it will be just the new norm for her!
More another time,


Sarndra said...

Congratulations Zip!! What a wonderful achievement- in such a short amount of time! Such great ideas Lus- pls remind me of this post in 2 - 3 yrs time :-) Loved your email- thanku, will reply soon :-) Have a happy weekend! Xoxoxox

Anonymous said...

I am very impressed :)

I can not believe Zippi is already 2 years old, wow how can that be?

Your so lucky that she has taken so well to toliet training. Great work Zippi, very well done :)

My daughter was not at all interested until she was much older. She was still in night time nappies at 3 years old.

Enjoy the week end. Love from Susan McGuire (smiles1965) xxoo

lusi said...

I will Sarndra ;-) looking forward to celebrating your little man's milestones in the coming years mate! Hope you are well and resting when you can! Much love and no hurry for a reply! Xox

Susan thanks for your lovely comment. Two years really has flown by in what feels like a blink of an eye! Hope you are well! Thanks for your other comment too. I'm thankful for your cyber-friendship! With love xox


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