Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

Mother's Day started off with an early road trip...

listening to worship music + sharing our hearts...

travelling about an hour away through sunny foggy valleys...

to get to Maccas! lol :)
It's what we felt like (plus we knew they were open that early!) and the kids can actually eat 2 things from the menu...

hashbrowns + for the first time ever, hotcakes!
They were chuffed!!!

Plus it meant no cleaning up afterwards for me which, let's face it, is always a bonus ;)
It might not seem fancy or anything like that, but I was with my beautiful hubby and kids and I really couldn't care less where we were, as long as we were altogether...

On the way home we enjoyed the views and more of Yah's handiwork around us...

We stopped off at a local grower's market on the way home where the kiddos loved playing in the leaves...

while we had a peeky at all the yummy fresh fruit and vegies...

Back home, we sorted through our pick; fresh apples and mandarins, asparagus and strawberries plus some 100% natural lemon + myrtle soap which Brett has used before for eczema and has really helped.

The lovely SOAP MAN even gave Brett his tester moisteriser for free just to try out! What a blessing and a lovely bloke :) If you get a chance to grab some bars of soap, I would highly recommend them - we got 5 bars for $10 what a bargain!

 I LOVE being a mama but I often struggle with the challenges of motherhood. It is the most demanding job and often I just don't feel like I'm cut out for it! I'm sure most mums worry about the same things; I'm too selfish, not patient enough, not creative enough, too lazy, do I play with them enough, are they learning like they should be, do they watch too many movies, what if I'm not equiping them with the skills they'll need for the future?

Then I *sigh*.

I look around.
And I know that these beautiful children of ours love me warts and all.
They don't expect perfection (which is a good thing because perfection I ain't!).
They know they are loved and they love me so incredibly deeply.
And that is enough.
Yes. That truly is enough.

Tomorrow has enough worries of it's own, Yeshua once said.

Right now, I am thankful for my munchkins and for the one/ones yet to arrive (not that I mean I'm having twins but I mean beyond our little man I am carrying right now).
I am thankful for every mum and woman I know who helps me to be the mum I am today (warts and all) and for all their words of advice, support and encourgement.
Right now, I am thinking of several dear friends of ours who are not as yet able to have children and the heartache they go through on days like today.
I'm thinking of mamas who have had children pass away and the incredible sense of pain they must experience on a daily basis - especially on days like today.
Right now, I am thankful to my mum who gave me the best gift of all; unconditional motherly love.
I am SO thankful to Brett for allowing me to be a mum and for supporting me along the journey in the most incredible of ways. I couldn't do any of this without him (love you sweetheart!). You are my cheer squad and my confidante and you get me like no other. You are the captain of our ship and I am so thankful for the way you lovingly and faithfully steer it! Thanks mate.
I am thankful to Yah for giving me the opportunity to experience this amazing journey; for His guidance and nurture along the way and for His patience, love and forgiveness and mercy when I get it wrong.

I am a work in progress.
A mother-in-progress and I am so thankful for that chance to get up everyday and walk the journey with my family.

Thinking of a very special friend of mine who is without her mum again this year. Love you mate.

And just before I end this post, I was wondering if you, dear blog friends, could pray for our little friend Aurora who is my friend Donna's daughter. Auri broke her left leg here on the trampoline on the weekend. We feel so badly for them. It was an accident but it is still a break and she has to have her leg in plaster and can't walk on it. Please pray for her to heal quickly and also for Donna too who is 31 weeks pregnant and obviously can't carry around Auri too much. Please keep their whole family in your prayers. Thanks!

Well, more to come another time.


Sumara said...

Your Mother's Day looks beautiful! Love love love.

Love you, darling Lusi. You are one of my favourites mamas and I'm glad you had a lovely day. Noel and I were just talking about you guys yesterday, wondering how many more would come after the currently-growing little one... :D

lusi said...

LOVE love love you right back my darling!
Catch up soon :)
Love Lus x

Enid said...

Defently will pray for your friend daughter. And you are one good and awsome momma. I wish I have Torah when my kids was that little, you are in the right track...!

Hapy mothers day to you as well!

Anonymous said...

Being a mother is a hard job with all the challenges but it is also fun and exciting. I think your doing a wonderful job so keep on keeping on.

I love reading your blog and seeing your photos, thanks for sharing with us.

Have a great week from Susan McGuire xxoo

lusi said...

Thanks so much Enid and Susan for your encouraging words!
Much love to you both :)
Lus x


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